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Annual report of the Bayfield County Agricultural Agent Washburn, Wisconsin: 1940

Livestock improvement,   pp. 5-7 PDF (762.9 KB)

Land clearing,   pp. 7-8 PDF (422.1 KB)

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This County is very well adapted to sheep raising and there is
room for considerable expansion in this direction.
                            Bot Control
      Two meetings were held in the County at which horses were
 treated for bot control. Inasmuch as this program has been
 carried on extensively for the past four or five years, it is
 expected that little will be done on this in the near future.
      Likewise, sleeping sickness of horses appears to be well
under control and it is doubtful if it will be necessary to
arrange for group treatment next year.
                           LAND CLEARING
      The Agricultural Committee considers land clearing the most
important agricultural project being carried on at the present
time. Last year a total of 1,400 acres Wiere cleared which, accord-
ing to the assessor of' incomes, will increase the valuation of
such .and $57,750.00.  Not only Bill this project enable the
farmer to increase his cultivated acreage resulting in more crops
being grown and more livestock mLintained, but will mat:.-rially
add to the farm income.   The $47,750.00 increased valuation of
farm land was obtained by an expenditure of approximately
$5,000.00 on the part of the farmer, thus indicating that this
project is returning much more than the cost of having the land
     This year the two County tractors have been engaged since
early spring in land clearing, leveling, ditching, digging buse-
ments, and building roads for farmers.   Aside from stumping, the(

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