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Annual report of the Bayfield County Agricultural Agent Washburn, Wisconsin: 1940

Livestock improvement,   pp. 5-7 PDF (762.9 KB)

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By this means the efficiency of some of the dairy herds in the
Count- will be raised, thereby increasing the net income from thms
herds.  As more sires become available, it is e-pected. that thi
plan will spread to other sections of the County. In other
instances, this office has been able to Locate sires for farmers
v~ho have purchased them outright or effected an exchange. As
the prices of dairy products continue at a moderate level, dairy
farmers are beginning to appreciate the effeciency of herds as
a factor in increasing the net income from this project.
     Through the cooperation of the Animal Husbandry Department
of the College of Agriculture and the Cooper Manufacturing Comparny,
several sheep dipping and drenching demonstrations were held in the
County. According to available information, through annual dippin!-
and drenching for the control of ticks and intestinal parasites of
sheep, the increase in the amount of wool and the weight of lamb
means an additional income of 75ยข per head. A total of 1,031 were
dipped and drenched in these demonstrations and the owners have
expressed a willingness to cooperate with the County in purchasing
a portable tank so that this program can be continued annually. If
this can be arranged, practically all the sheep in the County can
be dipped and drenched at a moderate cost to the farmer, at the
same time increasing the income through the sale of a better qualit,!
and heavier fleece, together with an increase in the weight of
lambs. The outlook for sheep prices appears to be very favorable
for some time to come, and more farmers are going into sheep.

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