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Annual report of the Bayfield County Agricultural Agent Washburn, Wisconsin: 1940

County forests,   pp. 2-5 PDF (1.1 MB)

Livestock improvement,   pp. 5-7 PDF (762.9 KB)

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cooperative which acts as a sales agency for its membership.    Sinc,-
the organization of these cooperatives last spring, one of them
has contracted for 250,000 feet of box lumber and a few car loads
of pulpwood, while the other has already shipped eight car loads o1
pulpwood. The main objective in organizing the cooperatives was
that pooled cuttings will be more attractive to buyers, which in
turn would permit the members to cut and sell more wood products.
While these cooperatives are still in their first year of operatioy;,
it appears that there are advantages in cooperatives rather than
individuals selling timber products.
                      LIVESTOCK IMPROVEMENT
                          Dairy Schools
     The one-day Dairy Schools of the previous year were continued,
the main points emphasized being livestock diseases, breeding, and
feeding. These meetings were very helpful to the dairymen, inas-
much as they gave information on the losses commonly incurred in
livestock. The value of high-producing sires and the care and
management of dairy cattle were stressed, pointing the way to
increased income through quality livestock, care, and management.
                         Loaning of Sires
     The policy of loaning high-producing sires from the
Dr. Kleinhans herd of Herbster has been continued. Farmers wish-
ing to increase the efficiency of their herds, though without
being able to purchase a high-producing sire, have been able to
borrow sires from this herd and will keep them for a period of
two to three years. Other farmers have purchased the sires outright

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