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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 23: fitting the dairy animal for dress parade PDF (1.3 MB)

   There are very great advantages that come to the individual exhibitor
in the way of
advertising his own animals. A breeder was located in a community where the
sale of
pure bred dairy cattle was rather slow and so it was decided to try out the
effects of exhibiting at fairs. The results briefly stated were that enough
prize money
was won to practically pay expenses and the inquiries for stock and sales
later made more
than justified the adventure from every standpoint.
   One of the most prominent breeders in the middle west states that his
first showing
experience many years ago where the competition was keen, taught him many
lessons. He came to know what constitutes a good typed animal and he learned
more experienced exhibitors than himself how to properly fit and show live
A good bull well showu is ale sset to alny volliniunity aid advertises
                           herd wbich he represcuts.
the breed anit the
                           GOOD TYPE IMPORTANT
   Dairy animals to be selected for fitting should have good size for their
age, possess
straight top lines, good middles and clean-cut features in general. In females,
devxelopment, including size, shape, quality and well-placed teats are important.
                         FEEDING CONSIDERATIONS
   The animal that has been well grown has an advantage over its competitor
that has
been underfed. To secure good growth does not mean excessive feeding an high
feeds but it does mean that the animal at no time during the growing period
ceases to
I    -                                                                  

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