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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 23: fitting the dairy animal for dress parade PDF (1.3 MB)

make good gains. It is better to feed the growing dairy animal well on skim
milk and
good hay and enough grain to secure the desired results than to feed excessively
on grain.
    A good fitting ration for dairy animals might consist of equal parts
by weight of
wheat bran, ground oats, hominy and oil meal. Bran and oats tend to lighten
the ration
and give variety; the hominy puts on soft flesh and the oil meal helps to
condition the
animal and put on a sleek coat. Good clover or alfalfa hay and corn silage
are important.
The silage, however, should be discontinued sometime before the animals leave
so that they will be receiving the same feeds that are to be fed while at
the fair.
The rtsult of good breeding, good selection, good care and good dishlzpylyg.
    Each animal should be stabled and blanketed several weeks before the
date for show-
ing. The animals may be clipped or the long hair may be worked out by brushing
body with coarse sand paper tacked to a block for convenience in handling.
    The purposes of blanketing are to keep the animal clean, sweat the hide
and better
its handling qualities, help shed the old hair and make the remaining hair
lie to the body.
    To aid in putting the skin and hair in condition, wash a few times with
green or
castile soap and water. During the fitting period rub the hide thoroughly
many times

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