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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Bewick, T. L.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 22: boys who remain on the farm PDF (973.7 KB)

      The farming business should challenge the best brains in the land.
looking for an opportunity for both service and remuneration should be at-
tracted to it. The opportunity for leadership is unexcelled for the great
of the farming business today is leadership. Men of judgment, men of fore-
sight,-imbued with the idea of a square deal, a full amount of service for
fair measure of pay, are needed right now in the farming business.
                     FARMING IS NOT A FAILURE
      Right now the farming business does not seem very bright, but it is
to say that the average farmer does not feel the financial depression more
does the average business man. In the face of the present situation in which
the farmer finds himself, one should feel safe in prophesying a bright future
for any boy who desires to make this his life vocation. One has but to refer
to statistics easily accessable to all, to discover that of all sources of
materials of food and clothing that keeps up the industries of this country,
forms the wealth of this nation, more than 83% of this material comes from
the farm. Can there be any doubt in the mind of anyone that farming is not
to be a paying proposition? No, it must be. It may take considerable adjust-
ment, it may take business management and it may need cooperation and or-
ganization, but it has got to pay a legitimate return upon a normal cost
operation when handled on a business basis.
      A shrewd business man once said, "I find it a wise time to buy
others wish to sell and to sell when others are most anxious to buy."
is the time to prepare for the future opportunities in farming. Get the best
training you can, both in school and in actual experience on the farm.
                      "FATHER AND SON" FARM
      How would it be to ask father to form a partnership with you. Put
in the best that's in you, your ambition, youth and good will, and you can
feel pretty sure of success. Remember the farming business demands the best.
Dean Vivian says, "The future farmer must be an artist-a scientist-;
man-a co-operator-and an energetic laborer." What profession demands
with father is the beat way to
get started
       When ehooedng e   wif,
AN'D    Chodse one Meo MI&l
A partnership

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