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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Macklin, Theodore
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 21: standardization of dairy products PDF (1.1 MB)

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'l-essly impractical organization. Wisconsin should have the begefits of
the sound
  marketing organization. It should be spared the costs (nd disappointments
and, tragedy
  of unsoutd organization. The Wisconsin Cheese Producers' Federation,. patterned
  the successful enterprises of other regions is of the sound type. Its benefits
- grading products and bringing to the farmer a premium for quality, cannot
be realized
  by the people of Wisconsin, however, until it grows from infancy to manhood.
  full-grown sound marketing organizations of this sort -for each important
dairy product
  such as American cheese, butter, foreign cheese, etc., there is no practical
means of
  insuring that farm products will yield the farmer a return in proportion
to that which
  consumers pay for them. Grading and standardizing farm products combined
with a
  program of paying farmers according to quality and bringing them a maximum
  of what consumers now pay is a service that is peculiarly uncommon except
  efficient powerful co-operative federations of farmers' successful local
  enterprises have been established.
        What does it mean to bankers if their tournover or size of business
is seriously
  reduced because cheese prices fall from 20 cents to 12 cents a pound while
the bulk of
  the cheese is being produced and sold?
        What does this same reduced purchasing power to farmers mean to merchants
  and retailers of all kinds whose prosperity depends upon their sales to
        To promote prosperity for all, understand what means prosperity to
you. Boost
  the other chaps purchasing power and he can't help but boost yours. (Read
  Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin 322 and Circular 136 for further
  Copies of these bulletins can be obtained by writing the College of Agriculture,
  Madison, Wis.)
153 ChdoreAe                                             aioWs
  The Banker-Farmer Exchange
Good, Well Bred, Productive and Healthy Livestock Go Hand In
      Hand With the Standardization of Dairy Products
   Tested and record bulls listed for sale.
   Noted families of females listed for sale.
   Stock for foundation herds a specialty.
   Grades and purebreds can be supplied in carload lots.
   Farmers and breeders with livestock are invited to list them
with us for sale. We are receiving a large number of inquiries
for stock.
   SEEDS of all kinds for sale. We call special attention to our
bargains in SEED CORN and POTATOES.
      See your banker or write
Banker-Farmer Exchange
       D. H. Otis. Director.
Madison, Wis.
1= Chadbourne Ave.

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