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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 20: feeding the dairy calf PDF (2.0 MB)

                                   WATER FOR CALVES
              Offer the calves water. In winter the chill should be removed
from the
          water. It is especially important that water be offered twice daily
or kept
          accessible to the calf being raised on a minimum amount of whole
milk with
          no other liquid supplement.
                                     CALF QUARTERS
              The calf pen need not be expensive but the floor should be
kept well cov-
          ered with dry bedding. A second essential is that in winter the
stall be moder-
          ately warm and have ventilation enough so that the place does not
          damp. A third essential for winter conditions is that direct drafts
be avoided.
          A calf can stand a fairly even low temperature better than short
exposures to
          a direct draft. There is a great advantage in keeping each calf
separate as it
          lessens the chances of spreading disease and does away with the
          practice of calves sucking each other.
                                       THE FEEDER
              Two persons given charge of two groups of calves, the groups
being as
- -       near alike as it is possible to get them, may secure very different
results even
          though the total amounts of the same feeds are used. The results
are different
          because one feeder was observing and used good judgment; the other
          dumped the feed before the calves mechanically and hurried away
as soon as
          possible. The first feeder will be successful at raising dairy
calves; the second
          will not.
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    The Banker-Farmer Exchange
for farmers to procure GOOD HIGH GRADE CALVES of all breeds
and get a start several years in advance over grading up from com-
mon ccws.
The BANKER-FARMER EXCHANGE is in tcuch with calves for sale
in all parts of the State. Write us for particulars.
We have purebred SEEDS of all kinds for sale. These are from reli-
able growers and are tested for purity and germination.
      See your banker or write
Banker-Farmer Exchange
       D. H. Otis. Director.
leS Chadbourne Ave.                                 Madison, Wis.
! 7 .
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