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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Hulce, R. S.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 20: feeding the dairy calf PDF (2.0 MB)

          - -1- Beding The Dairy Calf
       R.A.Hide., Coneg of'Agriculture, University f  O    hscmlu
                   FEDING THE YOUNG CALF
    A common practice is to leave the calf with the cow for two days althoug
other successful calf men remove the calf the, first day. A'good appetite
essential in teaching the calf to drink.
* It is better to under feed slightly than to over feed the young calf on
a general guide being to feed one pound of milk daily to each ten pounds
of live
weight, At all times the watchful eye of the feeder is necessary.
         TIs alf was rased on skmbU-iflk ae the plan eewied In thia
                       Average dally gain, 19 pounds.
    If the substitute for whole milk is to be skim milk thd chage from whole
milk can be gradually made when the calf is about *a month Of age. If the
substitute is to be whey, the whey can gradually be introduceo wham the ca
is a month of age but it will be advisable to continue to give bme whole
until the calf is about six weeks of age.
    If the substitute is to be calf meal or simply hay or grain, the whole
can be reduced slightly when the calf is about five weeks of age, but not
dropped entirely until the animal is about two months of age. It is very
portant that water be offered.
    If the supplement to the whole milk is skinmilk, the amount of sklmyi
fed daily after the whole milk has been dropped is for a few doay about tim
Asme 'amount as that of the whole milk being fed before the skinmnik wa
introduced. The amount of skimmilk fed is gradually increased until the cal
receives twelve to eighteen pounds daily, depending upon the amount of skim
mslk available for calf feeding purposes.

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