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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Fuller, J. G.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 19: market requirements for hogs PDF (1.1 MB)

for the day. These hogs should be trim and neat, stand up on their
legs, have a slight arch in their back, ears well carried and general
style and finish that is an unmistakable guarantee of the high quality
carcasses which they will yield. The shipping associations now
operating make it possible for the farmer to send to the central
markets hogs in less than carload lots and thereby receive the top
price fpr any number of choice hogs-he may choose to sell at any
one time.
    The packers who handle the great bulk of hogs sent to market
prefer that the supply be more uniform through the year instead of
so liberal during fall and early winter. It is only natural that the
large supply come then, but farmers who can should follow their
advice for the period of greatest supply is also one of lowest prices.
    Packers are insisting that there be a marked improvement in the
health of hogs brought to market. Their greatest losses are from
tuberculosis and cholera, by far the most from carcasses condemned
for tuberculosis. A leading packing plant at Milwaukee reports that
fully 251% of the hogs which pass through their plant are retained
on account of tuberculosis.  A portion of the carcasses, usually the
head, is condemned. The loss at this plant due to tuberculosis in
swine is approximately $100,000 per year. It is common belief that
far too great a prevalence of tuberculosis in Wisconsin is due to
feeding skimmilk from factories where it is returned unpasteurized
to farmers, and from- swine following effected cattle. The farmers
will do well to guard against this menace to pork production for the
lnos in the end is theirs.
-d                   ) i. . is  -
   The Banker-Farmer Ecage
                   oasre the following Qusslen:
   Such hogs are more economical to raise.
   They mature earlier.
   They produce more pork for the same amount of feed.
   The beet can be saved and sold for breedug purposes.
   They -Increase farm profits.
   THE BANKER-FAmU EXCHANGE Is in touch with hog breelers all
over the State and Is in position to refer farmers to breeders who nave hogs
for sale.
   Do you want a purebred sow or gilt?
   Are you looking forward to buying a good purebred boar ?
   We have good stock of *11 bteedas lited for ake cheap.
   We also have a large number of grade and purebred dairy eows Hobtetna
 Guernseys, Jerseys, Brown Swiss and Ayrdbire, listed for sale.
     See your banker or wrte
Banker-Farmer Ecae
-   . D. IL 0DX, Director.
IIM cb&Aorne Ave.                                  m      W.

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