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The banker-farmer news bulletin

Humphrey, George C.
The Banker-farmer news bulletin. Bulletin no. 15: community organization and effort for dairy cattle production PDF (1.1 MB)

   The first step in organizing a community club for breeding better dairy
cattle is to get together and seriously consider some plan for action. Call
and get the help of the County Agricultural Agent, the cow tester, the bankers
and other keen business men who may be of valuable help in making purchases
or, later, in making sales of surplus stock. Your State College of Agriculture
will gladly furnish forms and material that will be helpful in getting an
zation perfected.
    Study carefully the selection of men who will best serve as officers
leaders. They may have to be developed, in which case be patient and give
them all the help possible.
    Do not try to cover too much territory, and it will be best to have each
breed organize its own interests. After becoming organized, become federated
with county, state and every, organization that will offer assistance.
    Adopt some definite lines of work. These lines of work can best be fol-
lowed by having committees, charged with the full responsibility of getting
something accomplished.
    Study to know your community's greatest need and go after the remedy
and apply it vigorously. There is likely to be the need of better sires or
foundation heifers and cows, which now is a good time to buy. Get an in-
spection of and a judgment on the character of cows, heifers and calves that
are being maintained. Note carefully the sires that are making an improve-
ment and those that are not advancing or maintaining the quality of the cattle
in which your association is primarily interested. Preserve and encourage
extended use of the better sires and try to discourage the use of.the inferior
ones, even though they may be pure bred and registered. United effort in
this work alone will justify all the time, means and energy expended, and
undoubtedly result in the greatest amount of good accomplished.
                          OTHER ACTIVITIES
    Visit and inspect one another's herds and the best herds in adjoining
    Encourage boys' and girls' calf club work and put on calf shows as a
means of encouraging such work, and for the purpose of judging the worth
of sires.
    Encourage cow testing work by having at least a cow testing association
and doing official testing where pure bred herds are being developed.
    Do all that is possible to encourage the eradication of disease and having
herds tuberculin tested under the Accredited Herd plan.
    Encourage the consumption of dairy products, and endeavor to put milk
or milk by-products on the market in the most attractive form and in a manner
to insure its being of the best quality.
    Where there are a sufficient number of good animals to warrant holding
public sale or to encourage buyers to come in and buy in car lots, the matter
of advertising and selling to the best advantage should receive attention.
    At all times work at something to keep up a spirit of good fellowship,
enthusiasm and willingness to work, even to sacrifice if necessary.
    Such a program may seem like a considerable task. It would be a mistake
to think for a moment that it could be carried out and entail only a small
amount of'work. It will require a lot of real work, but it is work that can
done and that will crown a community's effort with greatest success.

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