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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Negley, Noel
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 63: how to use a cow testing association PDF (1.0 MB)

    Keep up enough nerve to sell the cow that has always been with
you but yet has proved herself unprofitable at the pail, Sentiment
should not interfere with business in such a deal. Get the family
interested in the kind of a cow that will make a profit rather than one
that has a pretty hide. Use nerve enough, too, to buy feed for those
cows that will make a profit on it even though it seems "out of sight."
                 BUY FEED IN CARLOAD LOTS
    The reason why there are 26 members in an association rather
than only one or two is because in some things 26 men can do better
together than each by himself. This is often true in the matter of
feed buying. Get together and buy what feed is necessary in carload
                     A COW TESTER'S ARGUMENT.
  At many of the fairs officials of the cow testing association are presenting
to graphically show the value of membership In cow testing associations.
lots, paying cash for it and taking it directly out of the car. Co-opera-
tion with the local feed dealer in buying and distributing the feed
will be the best policy to follow. Maximum prices have been placed
on mill feeds and there is no saving in waiting until later. This late
in the fall there will probably be no difficulty in storing feed for the
rest of the winter. Get your orders in now so you can get your share,
for if you don't and we have a winter like we had last year you
probably will not get any.
    Association members have an excellent opportunity to co-operate
in the use of good bulls. In small herds bull service is very expen-
sive, especially so when the bull must be sold at beef prices at the
end of two years. The tester can arrange to exchange sires among

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