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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Schindler, L. M.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 59: build a silo PDF (1013.4 KB)

of the hoop as far apart as possible. Remove the hoop without
disturbing any but the 7/Y8 blocks.
   The forms for the concrete pit are easiy constructed. Two
temporary wooden hoops and some of the roof boards or sheath-
ing cut into 5 foot lengths and nailed to the hoops up and down
make a satisfactory inside form. The hoops should be placed
three feet apart and braced across with 2 x 4's so as to make the
form rigid. Build the temporary hoops 4 ply thick in the follow-
ing manner; place one of the wall hoops on the mow floor. Cut
about twenty 7/8' blocks 8 inches long and stand them up without
nailing, inside of the wall hoop. Wind battens around inside of
these blocks and toe nail them to the floor. Nail additional
battens inside of the first. The removal of the 7/8' blocks allows'
the hoop to be raised easily from the ftoor. The outside, form
above ground may be built by nailing battens to stakes driven
about three feet apart. These battens as well as the battens
obtained by wrecking temporary hoops may be used later for wall
   Build all the wall hoops before starxting the qrection of the silo.
Place the hoops on top of each other on the concrete foundation.
(Cover page figure.) Build a scaffold'of 2"x4' and boards inside
of the hoops, with floors about seven feet apart. Raise the top
hoop to place by means of four ropes. Level it and fasten it to
cross pieces nailed to the scaffold, after it has been plumbed to
the bottom hoop. Splice sheathing boards together so as to
obtain four pieces equal to the height of the. silo and mark off the
spacing of the hoops. Nail the pieces to the top and bottom
hoops. Raise- the remaining hoops to place nailing them to the
four boards. Plumb all hoops and fasten them to the scaffold,
where necessary, to keep them plumb. Mhark the door opening
on the hoops and follow the design of Fig. (2). Commence at
the side of the door and nail both the flooring and sheathing as-
you go, using two nails to a board at each hoop. Use the plumb
occasionally to see that one end is not gaining.
   Build a silo to use his year. Choose the silo that you can
have finished by September 1st. Your banker will loan you the
money and your lumber dealer has the material on hand. If you
need help ask your county agent.
- Ddsvge-II .;-     *. ,-  ,

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