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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Schindler, L. M.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 59: build a silo PDF (1013.4 KB)

%x x4- battens, buy 4' clap boards and make the hoops by alter-
nating the thick edges with the thin. Ten clap boards make a
hoop 3%' thick. Fourteen hoops are enough for a 30-foot silo.
   Matched flooring and sheathing nailed up and down make the
silo wall. The flooring is put inside and the sheathing, of cheaper
grade, outside of the hoops. This provides an air space. Freezing
may be further retarded by   using building paper between the
boards and the hoops.                              I
   The following bill of lumber will build a 12'x,30' silo with a
shingled roof, dormer window and chute. The lumber will e ost
from $200 to $250:
             5700 lineal ft. 3/8"x4" battens,
             1600 4" flooring,
             1700 board ft. 6" fencing,
             370 lineal ft. 2"x4,
               54 lineal ft. 1x4,
               250 board ft. roof boards,
               21/4 M Shingles,
               2 windows     4-light8'xlO".
           FIG. 3.-Wooden hoop constructed of clap boards.
  The hoops may be made on a raihy day. Lay out on a clear
space on the mow floor a circle, with a diameter 2' greater than
the inside diameter of the finished silo. Cut 2"x4' blocks two
feet long and nail them to the floor on edge at intervals of about
three feet. Nail-half of them with ends just inside the circle and
the rest of them 7/8' from the circle. This allows for a loose 7/8'
block between the 2'x4 and the hoop.
   The hoops are built by bending the battens around the blocks
and toe nailing the first round of battens to the floor at each
block. Additional battens are nailed to the first with 6d casing
nails.until the hoop has the required thickness, keeping the splices
I.        I I
    ! .I : i
          Ir I

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