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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Schindler, L. M.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 59: build a silo PDF (1013.4 KB)

               BUILD A SILO
   The silo helps to cut the feed bills. Silage improves the ration
by providing succulent feed in winter and when pastures are
short. It helps to increase the profits of dairying or livestock
feeding. In fact silage may help to change a small profit, or even
a loss, to a good profit. Don't sell your cows, but make them
produce more by feeding silage. Many silos pay for themselves
every year.
   Build the silo that suits your needs. For permanence build a
concrete, stone, brick or clay tile silo. To save time and first
cost, build a wooden silo. In any case, consider carefully the
materials that you have at hand in your locality and the kind of
labor available. Home materials are usually the cheapest and by
their use you may avoid serious delay.
FIG. 2.-Crou-section through door, showing the construetion of the door and
                 door opening for a wooden hoop silo.
   Several types of silos are described in Circular No. 87 of the
College of Agriculture, Madison. There is one type of silo known
as the wooden hoop silo that is not emphasized particufarly in
that circular, which has merits for the present time. All
material for this silo can be purchased at the nearest village and
any farmer who can use well a hammer and saw can build this
silo in a few days with the assistance of two or three of his
   The wooden hoop silo is strong. It needs no guy wires to hold
it in place. The wooden hoops are made preferably of %Yx4"
material in stock lengths. Ten pieces are used to bund a strong
rigid hoop about 3% thick. If your lumber dealer-does not have

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