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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, A. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 58: some farm home convenience PDF (916.9 KB)

door opening onto the porch; with light covers there was little or no dirt
during the filling or in the use of the fuel.
    The carrying of dishes to the dining table and clearing away of dishes
ing and after a meal was made easier through the use of a wheeled tray.
                           To avoid the carrying of supplies from the cellar
                      - e l.      -UCY uAu A Apu      uI_- a;          _-uuu
the sstLnen, tuey nlau a carpenLter UUIIu a UUmmLy wateru
which could be raised by handle and which, when in
use, stood against an empty space on the wail of the
kitchen. When not in use it could be lowered into the
cellar by means of pulleys. (The top of the dummy
fitted into the recessed space on the floor level).
    The down-stairs bedroom was made into a sewing
room and nursery where Sam could keep his farm books
and where the baby could be left within sound of Mary
while she did the morning work in the kitchen.
    "Conserve the health. Doctors and nurses are going
                      to the front. Every loyal citizen must keep well."
Fresh air and sunshine, screened windows and plenty
of them, were possible in Mary's kitchen, but now to
prevent dust required planning. A portable vacuum
sweeper helped some. Filling the cracks of the bare un-
even floor with a patent filler, padding the hollows and
covering the floor with linoleum made a sanitary kitchen
which, with a mop and patent mop wringer, solved the
dust problem and did not tire Mary because she did not
have to bend to mop the floor or wring the mop.
    The Hoover slogan: Increase production,
                         Reduce distribution,
                         Use local supplies,
                         Savp transnnrtation
translated into the terms of the. farm home is this: Back of every worker
must be an efficient home if we are to make it possible for democracy to
in a food campaign which will help to win world peace.

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