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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, A. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 58: some farm home convenience PDF (916.9 KB)

            Farm Home Conveniences
    In war time when there is a shortage of labor in all lines, women may
have to help outside the home more and more. On the farm where the labor
                      problem is most acute, woman is returning to her first
                    I  calling-the tilling of the soil.
    In the East the "back to the land" movement is a
woman's crusade. Here in Wisconsin, there may not be
so much need, but with the ever increasing call for pro-
duction on the farm, there must come added duties in
the farm home. More than ever one pair of hands must
prepare the meals, wash the dishes, clean the house,
cultivate the garden-even help with the peak of the
farm lnaA and vet take care of the children for whom
                      the home exists.
   Is. there any way in which machinery and other farm home conveniences
can reouce the waste of energy and time?
   Farmer Sam had listened to the men on the county council present the
need for increased acreage of wheat, barley, beets, corn and other food and
feed crops. He had learned that there Is an employment
bureau for placing men and high school boys in the country
to increase the labor supply necessary for speeding up pro-
    "Increase production, reduce distribution, use local sup-
plies and save transportation seems to be the message all
along the line," mused Sam. "Wonder what Mary will
think of it! All this means more work for her. I didn't
hear them say anything about home labor; in fact, they
were talking about the call for women as clerks in Wash-
ington and nurses for the hospitals, so women on the farm
can't expect much help from town girls."
   "If we have more help on the farm that sure means 'increased production'
in the kitchen and the need to save wheat for the boys at the front means
                      more hot corn bread and barley muffins, more potatoes
and puddings, more working over the stove and less
filling up on cold bread, cakes and pies.
    "Glad I put in that water system* last year so there
is no lugging of water from the well. All Mary has to
do now is to turn on the water faucet and she has all
the water she wants. That certainly saves 'transporta-
*WVisconqln Bankers' Farm Bulletin, No. 44.

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