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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 56: treat seed grains to control smuts and blights PDF (918.9 KB)

  Mlakng the solution.-Add 1 pint strong commercial formaldehyde
(40 per cent) to 30 or 35 gallons of water in a barrel or tank.
   Applying the solution to oats, wheat, and rye.-1. Dipping method.
Dip loosely filled gunny sacks, about a bushel in each, into the solution
and let soak for 5 to 10 minutes, then drain pile and cover with wet
sack or canvas for 2 hours. Spread out and dry. Avoid freezing.
Sow a little more if the grain is swollen. 2. Smut machine. The smut
machines can be used for wetting the grain. Leave it wet in the sacks
for a couple of hours, then spread and dry. 3. Sprinkling. This
method if carefully done, does not get the grain so wet. Success
depends upon the grain being uniformly moistened with the solution.
Apply the solution with fine garden sprinkler as the grain is being
shoveled over on barn floor, canvas or in tight wagon box. Then cover
and handle as when dipping. 4. Dry method. (Tried out thus far
only for oats.) Take 1 pint of 40 per cent formaldehyde to 1 pint of
water and put in a common atomizer. Spray this solution onto the
grain while it is being shoveled over on a barn floor or canvas, holding
sprayer close to the grain. It is enough for 40 or 50 bushels of grain.
Then pile and cover for 5 hours. It may then be bagged and sown at
once or kept indefinitely. There is no danger froih freezing or heating.
and because the grain is not wet and swollen there is no need to
increase the amount to be seeded.
   Applying the solution to barley.-The dipping is the best for barley.
And in case the fields have had "stripe" or loose smut the seed
be soaked two hours, then drained and dried.
   "Now I tell you-.that 'dry method' (No. 4) looks goods for we
could help each other and treat our oats now any day-but they said
that method does not always take out quite all the smut, a very little
sometimes remains. It would be mighty handy to do it that way when
we couldn't do better. I believe that smut machine is really the thing
for us though, don't youl"
    "Yes, I really think it is."
    "But we'll have to see about it right away if we're going to get
 one in time. I'll 'phone our county agent right after supper this even-
 ing and then bring up the matter at the club meeting tonight. You'll
 be there, won't youI"
    "Yes. There are some other matters coming up, too."
    "Well, so long, John, I'll see you later."
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