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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 56: treat seed grains to control smuts and blights PDF (918.9 KB)

                Treat Seed Grains
            To Control Smuts and Blights
  Wisconsin has been asked to produce this year the largest crop in
its history and she is "going over the top" as she always has.
  Everybody is planning to do his very best and to ;do so will take
advantage of all the information on seed grain treatment that can be
   The following conversation between two farmers that met at a feed
store in one of the towns is typical of what is going on all over the
   "Good morning, John! How are you today?"
   "Fine, thanks, Bill, how's yourself? By the way, I haven't had a
chance to see you since I was down to Madison 'taking in' the short
course. I am going to make good use of some of the dope given out
   "Glad to hear it. I couldn't go, too many chores to do."
   "One thing that I got straight on was in regard to seed grain treat-
ments. Mr. Vaughan gave a talk on smut on oats, barley, and the like
and illustrated his points with charts you could see clear across the
   "Go ahead and tell me about it."
   "You were right last spring when we were talking about corn smut
and I was wrong. It's just as you said: 'It doesn't do any good to
soak seed corn in formaldehyde solution to kill smut. Corn smut isn't
carried over on the seed at all-only on old smutted stalks in the field
or in manure.' But smuts of oats, barley, wheat and rye are all car-
ried over with the seed and about all of them can be killed by treating
the seed with formaldehyde before planting. You know Professor
Moore told us about that several years ago, but I guess that was before
you moved in here. I've tried it a couple of times on oats and it sure
does the business. The first time I tried it I treated my seed just as
they told me and then just for fun I sowed the last round with some
oats right from the bin that hadn't been treated. And you should have
seen the difference when those oats headed out! You could see right
to the row where I had treated the seed; no smut at all! And that last
round was just black with smut. I haven't treated any of my seed
grain now for a few years and I found last summer that some smut
was eeeping. in again, and in my barley I noticed that scattering
plants blighted down; got stripes in the leaves and later turned brown
and died."

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