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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Roush, A. J.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 55: a convenient farm home PDF (909.1 KB)

   When the children of the family are small, the location of the
laundry on the first floor becomes almost a necessity. At anyt ime
such a plan eliminates much unnecessary climbing of stairs The
laundry of this house is provided with two stationary tubs, a small
stove for heating water, and a range boiler. A cleaning closet for
brooms, dusters and the like occupies the recess beside the chimney.
A hand-bowl is in the laundry, so that when the men come in from
work they can clean up before going in to their meals, without
entering the kitchen at all; or in the evening the hired man can'come
in this way, pass through the hall and go upstairs to his room with-
out inconveniencing the family.
   Between the dining room and the living room a double door
provides the obvious advantage of allowing these two rooms to be
thrown into one large space on special occasions. Each of these
rooms has a door to the hall, so that anyone can leave either without
disturbing whoever is in the other.
   The second floor may be divided into four bed rooms, each with
a closet, and ample room will be left for a bath over the laundry.
   The basement has a fruit and vegetable room under the living
room and near the foot of the stairs. Under the laundry and bed
room is a space for the utilities; that is, the lighting plant, the
pressure tank, and the gasoline engine for-running them. While
every farmer may not feel himself able to install these utilities at
the time of building his house, a space should be left so that they
may easily be placed later. That part of the basement under the
kitchen may be used for a fuel bin and furnace room. This should
have an outside entrance to allow for the removal of ashes and the
bringing in of vegetables. The space beneath the dining room
would be suitable for general storage.
                  THINK BEFORE BUILDING
    Many of the farm houses throughout the country are anything
 but convenient. This is due largely to the lack of forethought when
 planning the house or to the use of plans made for conditions
 entirely different from those of the farm. - To meet the require-
 ments of farm life the house must have the thought of the farmer
 himself, and those familiar with farm conditions. When the farm
 house receives this attention there will result a convenient home that
 will relieve the housewife of much of her labor and add greatly to
 the happiness of the family.

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