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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Roush, A. J.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 55: a convenient farm home PDF (909.1 KB)

       A Convenient Farm Home
   The city builder does not go to the farm for suggestions when
building his house. WYhy should the farmer, then; take the city
planned house and expect it to meet the requirements of country
conditions? A farm house first of all should fulfill the peculiar
needs of its users, whose mode of living is so widely different from
that of people who live in the city.
   When building a new home for the farm the first questions that
come up are naturally, "How large shall it be?" and "How much
shall it cost?" But these are influenced by such considerations as
the suitability of the building materials, the location of the residence,
its appearance, yet not one of these is of so great importance as the
convenience of its interior arrangement; for after all, it is the
livability of a house that affords the final test of its value.
    Among the things that should be considered when building a
 farm home the following are some of the chief:
    Arrangement of all the rooms so that one can easily be reached
 from any other.
    The kitchen planned to lighten labor; so situated as to afford
 plenty of light and ventilation; and with easy passage from it to
 other parts of the house.
    A well equipped laundry, preferably on the first floor.
    A way -for the men to reach the dining room when coming in
 for meals, without going through the kitchen.
    A toilet on the first floor, and a place for the men to wash.
    A bedroom on the first floor.
    Bed rooms and bath on the second floor each of which can be
 reached from the hall.
    Means provided for the hired man to go upstairs to his room
 without passing through the living rooms.

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