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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Mattson, D. F.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 54: the value of cleaner milk PDF (946.9 KB)

sections where one price is paid, either the sanitary condition
of all the milk is exceptional and the top price is paid, or else
practically all of the milk is of poorer quality and brings a
lower price.
   Suppose, that two-thirds of the milk produced in Wisconsin
falls in grade number two. Approximately 170,000,000 pounds
of fat are delivered to the Wisconsin-dreameries and cheese
factories; 113,332,000 pounds fat or two-thirds of 170,000,000
pounds at 3W cents represents a loss of $3,966,000 to Wiscon-
sin farmers.
                LET'S STAY IN CLAW     A
   Have you ever noticed that the farmer producing the clean
milk lives in a more comfortable home, has a cleaner and more
sightly farmstead, is sending more children to school, is more
contented, and generally more prosperous than the farmer pro-
ducing dirty, milk? The road in front of the house somehow
seems to be a trifle less crooked, the fences have backbone and
the buildings fresh paint. The eows look healthy and con-
   This farmer would not tell us that expensive buildings and
a lot of equipment were needed to produce clean milk, but he
very likely would say that he tries to follow at least these
few rules:
   (1) To keep a healthy herd; (2) to have his,;barm well
lighted, well ventilated and clean; (3) to have mker* milk
with clean, dry hands; (4) to milk in closed pails; (5) to
sterilize utensils by use of boiling water or steam; andj (6) to
cool the milk quickly after milking to about 50 degrees
(Fahrenheit) or below, and to hold in the same condition until

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