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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 53: "when a feller needs a friend" PDF (1.1 MB)

himself will surely benefit by any improvements he can make on a
rented farm-added satisfaction in keeping his self-respect, if nothing
Friend No. 4-The Good Neighbor.
   A good neighbor is about the best of all emergency friends a farmer
has. It would take several books to record all the good deeds of good
neighbors, but they're all being bound between the gold covers of the
Book of Judgment.
   Who helped you in the rush and heat of threshing dayI Who gave
you a lift on that hay rack? Who joined you at silo-filling time?
   Who stayed up all night with Little Ben in his last sickness?
   If you "had it coming to you", well and good-it speaks well
your community. Then both of you have "good neighbors".
Other Good FrMend&.
   Let's consider our "professional friends"-the doctor, the "vet",
the lawyer and the minister. Yes, maybe they- got their fees, and
maybe not. That is not the point.
   All of them acted on the good doctor's pet principle, "to Its* you
well and happy, not so much to cure you when you were sick or puR
you out of trouble."
   The doctor's services didn't cease when his medicine gave out. lRe
told you how to avoid sickness in the future.
   What would you have done if your lawyer friend had failed to
 look out sharply to see that your titles and deeds were in good shape ?
 He was executor of your father's will and you always found him true
 and honest, didn't you?
    At least, its been that way with me and most of my neighbors
    And that veterinarian friend, like the one Henry Ta'lor tellz about.
 who not only drove out in all kinds of -weather to teni siik anials,
 but advised farmers how to adopt home treatments of: their own and
 use precautions against live stoek diseaes. -
    Who was it showed that headstrong son of John Mahming's the
 beauty and dignity of farm life and got him to attdnd &grieiutural
 college, thus turning his mind back into the right chanwelt Parson
 Brown, the same man who organized our federated dlubs and put in a
 social hall at the eorners church.
    So I guess you and I agree, after all, that there are plenty of -good
 folks ready to help "When a feller needs a friend". Without- ashug
 their good nature or imposing upon their kitdmem and gOeity it is
 surely a. wise thing to remember who these good- 'rend.. -Who
 knows? May be the time will come when we-can  and "as Imly blod e
 them as they have beside us. And there isn't ahing st
 paying. an obligation to a good friend.
                                      - -.--        . 0 X

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