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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Luther, E. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 52: how, when and why--organize and standardize production PDF (940.5 KB)

   Wisconsin is marching well up to the front among the leading
potato producing states because the growers are settling down to
growing a few varieties, such as Rural New Yorker, Green Moun-
tain, Burbank, Triumph, Irish Cobbler, Early Ohio and Early
Rose. These are being grown variety-pure, disease-free and
marketed with some effort as to grading.
   But among all of the potato growers of Wisconsin the number
of those following well organized methods of production are alto-
gether too few. What is needed now is for the farmers of whole
communities to organize themselves into producing groups to pro-
duce a community crop. In the South there is a large demand
for northern grown seed potatoes but the seed must be certified,
variety-pure, disease-free, and graded. In one case a southern
buyer has made the trip north to contract for 60 cars of one
- ariety of seed potatoes. If Wisconsin communities will organize
around this idea, what is meant by organization of agricultural
production will be accompjished with this crop.
   Wisconsin is known and patronized the world over in grains.
Wisconsin Pedigree barley, Wisconsin Pedigree No. 1 and No. 5
oats, and Wisconsin pedigree winter rye are in demand. But un-
fortunately communities are not agriculturally organized to pro-
iuce these crops.
    Other illustrations with corn, sheep, swine, baby beef and
poultry might be used to show how crop production might be
organized for greater profit to producers and more conveniences
to purchasers, but the above will do.
    There is an insistent demand that markets and marketing pro-
 cesses for farm crops be improved. Many farmers' organizations
 have this matter for their foundation. They will realize on their
 aim by giving more attention to agricultural production. Co-
 operative enterprises among farmers will find great difficulty in
 marketing the hit-and-miss products as they are now produced
 and a lot of cart-before-the-horse effort will be done away by the
 proper organization of the products of a group, a community, a
 township or a county.
    Farmers, businessmen, bankers, and county agricultural agents
 in country communities will all get further by working together
 to organize the agricultural production of their regions.
      NOTE-The two Missourians found a community where one breed of pure
 bred dairy sire had been used for some time and they took to Missouri about
 $2,500 worth of dairy stock. Why not get the farmers of your community to
 a pure bred sire of any one of the great breeds? Your community will then
 il position to take advantage of like opportunities.

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