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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Hill, Charles L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 51: how the short course helps PDF (912.1 KB)

   The young men who go to the Short Course for the two
winters of training are practically always hard at work on the
farms for the balance of the year. While they may be slow at
first to grasp all that the course may mean, or to gain all that
is possible to gain from it, still most of these young men, I
think, realize that this is the supreme opportunity of life, and
few of them let anything divert their attention for these four-
teen weeks from the main object of gaining all possible from
the work.
  It might not be out of place to tell of some particular young
men who have taken the Short Course, and have become lead-
ers in one or more lines of agricultural thought in Wisconsin,
but that is unnecessary. If you who read this circular want to
know where these young men are, just count up the ten most
successful farmers in your county and there is little doubt that
you will find that at least six or eight of them, and possibly all
of them, are graduates of the Short Course.
    One thing that makes the Short Course appeal is the fact
 that the young men taking the course go back to the home
 farm and make good. Of course, they are often ridiculed at
 first, but that is the common lot of anyone who wishes to blaze
 new trails. These young men have become leaders in Wiscon-
 sin agriculture and in practically every line.
    If you will take up the directory of the Wisconsin Live
 Stock Breeders' Association, and check off the names of the
 men who are today Wisconsin's leading breeders of pure bred
 live stock-many of them national leaders in this line- you
 will find that at least nine-tenths of them arW graduates of the
 University of Wisconsin Short Course.
               A TOUCH OF REMISENCE
    The thing that I best remember of the winter that I spent
 there was something that Dean Henry said one day in class;
 it was this: "Young men, remember it is not what you can
                                                    *             QC'7~~j

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