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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Bullock, D. S.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 50: the right dairy sire and how to manage him PDF (872.5 KB)

The Right Dairy Sire and How To
                  Manage Him
                  Am Investment That Paid
  A La Crosse county farmer, in 1889, decided that his herd
of just "ordinary" cows was not paying.
   He decided to purchase the best pure bred sire, of his
chosen breed, he could afford, to mate him with his heifers which
were of mixed breeding and to keep careful records of the
production of their daughters.
   He found that these heifers gave an average of 212 pounds
of butter fat their first year in milk. At the end of nine years
his herd averaged 26i pounds a cow. In 1913 none of his herd
of 25 milk cows gave less than 400 pounds a year and several
produced 600 pounds.
   Bull calves from his pure bred cows were easily sold for
future delivery. The sires he has used have all been of the
same breed, pure bred, and bred-for-production.
   When dairymen say an animal is "bred-for-production'
they mean that the animal's ancestors were high milk and
butter fat producers. His sire and grandsires, for several gen-
erations back, have produced offspring that have made good
records in milk and butter fat production; his dam and grand-
dams have been good producers and good breeders as well.
    The pedigree should show all these points very plainly. It
 should also show that some of the ancestors of that particular
 sire were excellent individuals and were winners in national
 shows. The Letter the records and the more near relatives with
 good records the better the pedigree.
    Many an animal has a fine pedigree but is a very poor indi
 vidual. The right dairy sire should be a good individual as
 well as have a good pedigree. He should be fairly typical of
 his breed and show capacity, size and quality.

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