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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Marlatt, A. L.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 44: washing made easier PDF (1.0 MB)

   But this is not the most serious part of the difficulty. Studies
made by the United States Census Bureau have shown that the
infant mortality among workers in textile mills is not so great as
among the women who live at home, and do their own work which
includes carrying water from the well to the house, doing washing,
and emptying heavy tubs of water. If this one weekly burden
could be relieved the records of our own State Board of Health
would not show that a larger percentage of babies die in the first
month of life in the country than in the city.
              REMEDIE    ARE ALL POSSLE
   The first remedy is running water in the house. This can be
secured through'the use of a force pump either run by windmill
power, by gasoline engine, or by hand power. Pumping is not
such hard work as lifting.
   The second-the use of a washing machine which will do away
with much of the mechanical work in washing.
   The third-tubs that may be emptied without lifting the water
will ease the strain on tired backs.
   Any washing machine is better than none. The best types are
those which remove dirt from the clothing by sucking the water
back and forth through the stationary clothing. There are mach-
ines on the market which clean the clothing by mechanically mov-
ing the clothing through the
    _z ~   ~    J!. In AFq1ia  r               >
water. Tnese, Wnie guuu, ar,
not so desirable from a mechan-
ical point of view, although
they are often cheaper in the
first cosLt
   To empty the water from the
tubs-even the ordinary galvan-
ized tub-six feet of hose may
be used as a siphon* to drain
water into a trap in the floor
which connects with a tile lead-
ing out to a lower level beyond
the immediate yard of the
house. If this tile is put below
the- fr...n ine and -se -.- lv
                               r RUNNING  WATER   OBTAINED   BY
as a  drain  for the   laundry            HAND rOWERa.
water, it will lighten the labor      This is not the ideal way, but even
in the farm home tremendously.t          pumping is not such hard work
  A water barrel may be used                as liftug.
in even the most inexpensive farm house. A few minutes at
  NOTE-To use the rubber tube as a siphon, close one end of the tube with
pressure, fill with water and close the other end pressing with the fingers.
out removing pressure insert one end in tub, always keeRing below surface
of the
water and extend the other end toward trap iD noor. The moment the pressure
is removed, the water will siphon through the tube from the tub into the
   tee Cir. *sewage Disposal for Country Homes," Agricultural Experiment
Station, Madison.
      ' .'' , !

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