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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Taylor, H. C.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin 42: ways to solve the farm labor problem PDF (940.7 KB)

and farm-hand alike. All that t~e -farm hand expects is that as
a member of the household, he shall share equally in its comforts
and sociabilities; then as farm living improves, his living will im-
prove also. When the time comes when farm homes everywhere
are supplied with reading matter, warm living rooms and baths,
and companionship is never more than a half an hour away, then
the city will have nothing better to offer in the way of living than
the farm.
    Better treatment of hired help would also help in many cases.
The scarcity of labor has come first on the farm, and the result
is that the farm laborer has become independent-he has become
independent in many cases before he has become intelligent
enough to use his independence properly. Nevertheless there are
some farmers who seem to have little trouble with losing their
hands when they need them most, and the reason usually is that
these men are tactful, and above all, respectful of the personalities
of their workmen, so that at all times, they have their esteem
and hearty co-operation. The right sort of a hired man always
wants to take an interest in the farm work, and his employer
should give him a chance to learn all he can about farming. The
working day has got to be shortened in some way also; but every
good farm hand will understand that there will be times when
all rules as to hours must be broken.
                    HIlE BY THE YEAR.
     Still another thing that will keep more men on the farm is
 year-around employment. Farmers will have to organize their
 crops and livestock so as to be able to hire a man by the year.
 No good farm hand wants to loaf all winter, or hunt a job in town.
     If a farmer cannot get help in the ways indicated, he will
 have to manage with less help, either by getting more machinery.
 a milking machine, perhaps-or by raising such crops as he can
 handle. Planning his crops and his work so that too many things
 do not have to be tended to all at once will help a great deal.
 Winter dairying evens out the load of work in many ways.

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