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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Kelley, Elizabeth B.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 18: some home conveniences PDF (936.0 KB)

to go to church, or on a long drive, confident that on returning
home the dinner will be ready to be served. There is no food
more poorly prepared than the "staff of life". The bread mixer
does away with aching arms, poorly kneeded bread, and means
the saving of time and strengRM. Why use unsanitary wooden
bowls and dull chopping knives when, by means of a meat grinder,
bread, meat or crackers are as finely chopped in five minutes as
they  would                                     be in half an
hour by the
With a vege-
o ld slaw,
chips, apple
fritters may
treat.  E gg
besaters beat.
old method.
table  slicer
pie, or apple
be  a  daily
an d cream
air into eggs
and cream in                                    ab out one-
fourth the time it takes to beat it in with a fork and makes it pos-
sible to have whipped cream many times a week. Accuracy in
measuring goes farther than almost anything else in insuring suc-
cess in cookery. Then why not have scales and a measuring cupp?
A spatula, a two-edged knife used to remove the last of the food
material from the bowl in which it was mixed and to remove
cakes from pans after baking has many uses in a kitchen. In
this day of canned goods a can opener is indispensable.
    Every- farmer who values the peace and happiness of his
home will procure these conveniences thereby saving the strength
and nerves of the housewife, and every mother who wishes to
devote more time and energy to the proper rearing of her family
will feel in duty bound to learn to use the mechanical devices her
husband secures for her.
The price of the health of
the housewife may be equal
to the cost of a motor car.
Which do you prefer? Why
not have both? But "women
first please."

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