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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Kelley, Elizabeth B.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 18: some home conveniences PDF (936.0 KB)

        Some Home Conveniences
   Machinery has revolutionized the work on the farm and
changed the farmer from a day laborer to a manager with time
to devote to the study of live stock, soils, co-operation, etc. Today
the up-to-date Wisconsin farms rank among the first in the
    Why not improve the farm home? Can we say that the farm
home has kept pace with progress on the farms? Do we not all
know farms with the most improved farm machinery where the
housewife is using the same kind of household appliances that her
mother and grandmother used?
    We can never expect to have the highest efficiency among
farm boys and girls until the mother, relieved by machinery
from household drudgery, has the same time to devote to, the
study and care of her children that the farmer gives -to his live
    A few time and labor savers. Here are listed a few of the
labor saving devices which may be added to the equipment of a
tarm home:
     Rimning water and sink. The first and most important
 equipment is running water in the kitchen and a sink high enough,
 with a drain board at the left, so that the draining place will be
 convenient and the woman's back need not ache when she does
 ler work. (See Missouri Eng. Exp. Bull. 2, Columbia, Missouri.)
     Bath Room. The twentieth century has been called the
 century  of                                    "shower
 baths". With                                   r u n n i n g
 water in the  "The health and the morals    house, no
 farm house is  of the people depend mainly  complete
                upon the food they eat and        th   oom.
 without a     the homes they livye in."     bent h ofoth
 Every resi-                                    dent of the
 state who is                                   planning   a
 farm sewage disposal plant will do well to read Circular 34,
 "Sewage Disposal for the Country Home," Agricultural Experi-
 ment Station, University of Wisconsin. A copy will be sent free
 to all residents of the state on application.

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