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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Scribner, Fred H.; Harris, Roy T.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 17: the winter feeding of dairy cows PDF (992.7 KB)

some possible advantages. While the herd has to be kept under
artificial conditions, these are usually more likely to be under the
control of the feeder than is possible at other seasons.
    In place of the ration prepared already for use by Nature we
have to supply feeds from various sourced which will answer in
its stead. We have to furnish nutrients, bulk and succulence and
go about it somewhat in this way: We first consider what is
available in the form of roughage, for upon the quality of this
will depend the selection of the concentrates, or grains, intended
to balance up the nutrients and supply them in sufficient amounts.
                               Clover, alfalfa, or clover and
One Good Ration
For Dairy Cows
Silage - 25-45 bs.
Clover Hay 10-15 lbs.
    Grain Mixture
Wheat Bran   30 parts
Ground Oats  30 parts
Corn Meal    25 parts
Cotton Seed Meal 15 parts
One pound of grain
mixture for each 3 to
4 pounds of milk
alfalfa hay are Dest, OUT O1 IZuLurt,
mixed hay and corn stover may be
fed if these are not available. Alfalfa
hay, being richer in protein, is per-
haps most desirable as a portion of
the roughage and permits a saving
in high-priced grains. The grain
portion is made up of a variety of
meals,  chops   and   by-products
selected according to needs of the
cows and market conditions.
    Considerable judgment is re-
quired to get best results and the
feeder must know both his cows and
something of the effects of the feeds
to be used. For instance, corn meal
is a good feed but a good dairyman
would not think of feeding it alone.
The same is true to an even greater
extent with oil meal, cotton seed meal
or other high-protein feeds, but when
one of these is mixed with the heat
          . ~ ~ ~ -I -  3 _3  _  I a
                           producing corn meal in OLAu  -aM
grains to make a mixture having about the same bulk as well-
ground corn and oats equal parts, the ration is improved in
balance and is in suitable form.
    Alfalfa or Clover Needed for Home Grown Ration. Without
alfalfa or clover hay in the roughage, it is difficult to make a
satisfactory and economical ration entirely from home grown
material and very often the farmer can exchange some of the
home grown grain for a by-product that will replace a portion of
it in the ration at less cost and with actual improvement.
    It is not best to feed cows more than they will eat up clean
but if grain is left when it would seem that no more than enough
is being fed, it will be well to try to find out if any portion of the
mixture is not relished and then modify the ration to suit the
taste of the animals.
Summer Succulence in Winter. Succulence must be fur-
. 1

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