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Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin

Moore, R. A.
Wisconsin bankers' farm bulletin. Bulletin no. 14: how to get good seed corn PDF (993.6 KB)

How To Get Good Seed Corn
                          By R. A. Moore
    It pays to spend a little extra time and even money in selecting
and curing seed corn. An increase of but one bushel per acre in the
                            annual yield of corn throughout Wiscon-
Why Use Good Seed Corn. sin would mean a total increased yield of
                            over one million bushels. A little atten-
tion paid to the selection and curing of seed corn will greatly increase
the yield and produce a better and more profitable crop. By adopting
improved methods of seed production many Wisconsin farmers have
increased their yields several bushels per acre.
    To get good seed:-
    1. Allow the seed ears to mature well on the stalk. 2. Select
the ears from promising stalks that are leafy, of medium size and which
                           carry one good ear attached about three
How To Get Good Seed. feet from ground. 3. Select only well
                           formed ears with plump deep kernels and
good tips and butts. 4. Avoid ears with long or short shanks or those
attached to poorly formed stalks.
    By selecting the earliest maturing ears and picking them as soon
as the husks begin to turn yellow, which is a common practice, earliness
is secured, but at the expense of vitality. A slight frost will not in-
jure corn if it is well matured. In fact, it is far better to run the
risk of a frost than to pick the ears too early. The latter part of the
growing season greatly improves the vitality of the corn.
     Go into the field after the husks on the ears have turned quite
 yellow amaI then select the well formed ears. It is well to follow the
 rows inu secting seed corn, otherwise a large number of good ears will
Uniformity and other desirable characteristics of this seed have been secured
only by
               continued careful selection, curing and testing.

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