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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

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"The Only Newspaper in the World That Works for This Community"
VOLUME SEVENTY-NINE                         Brillion, Wisconsin, Thursday, February 8, 1973                      NUMBER 21
Please allow me the use of
your column to congratulate the
people of Brillion (including my-
self)  for being the most un-
concerned and apathetic people
Because we didn't care enough,
in time, we are loosing what
is probably the most historically
significant  house in the City.
Whether we like or not    the
industrial history of both major
companies had birth   in the
"Ariens Homestead". I'm sure
this could be developed as a
more than worthy compliment to
our historic hotel.
I'd also like to compliment
our lack of pride.   Knowing
that we-have allowed ourselves
to be prostituted to the highest
bidder by a second gift aimed
mainly   at   destroying  the
significance  of the first gift
certainly can .not allow  any
pride to remain.
Since the City Council thinks
thats what you want, thats what
you'll  get.  But please, don't
act proud when its over.
Gerald Reinhard
Council Accepts Library Board
Proposal on Library Donation and Site
BRILLION -- The City Coun-
cil met in special session Thurs-
day evening at 5:30 to consider
recommendation of site location
for a new public library.
The Brillion City Library
Board had been approached by
Mr. R. D. Peters who indicated
a desire to donate approximate-
ly $250,000 for the construc-
tion and maintenance of a new
library for the City of Brillion.
After working as an advisory
board with Mr. Peters the plan
has progressed to the point. of
site selection.
In a recommendation of Jan-
uary 16, the Library Board, in-
dicating it had considered the
sites at length and recommend-
ed that the new library proposed
by Mr. Peters be accepted by
the City and that their recom-
mendation for the site be the
property located at the corner
of Main and Park Street. This
site is the Henry Arien's home
and property which was donated
to the City to be used for a li-
brary by Mando and Francis
Ariens, sons of the late Henry
The following features were
indicated as making the site de-
1. Location on Main Street and
easy access to the general public.
2. Location close to the Com-
munity Center.
3. Adequate size to 'provide
for necessary  space require-
ments of the building, access
thereto from two streets and
off street parking.
4. Potential for expansion to
the horth in the future, if neces-
5. No initial cost to the City
for property at the present time
because of the gift already re-
ceived from Mando and Francis
The Board went on to indi-
cate their appreciation at the
possibility of the improved li-
brary service and the coopera-
tive effort of the peoples rep-
resenting Brillion's major in-
dustries and their willingness
to serve the people that have
served them.
Sam inlied to believe that it was throuEh my awareness
an d efforts  ctinG somewhat as a liaison between Clara
Neumeyer andx elf, and Sally and :1ando Arilens that 'he
Ariens dncmpay was persuaded to res 1ain in Brillion, after
having hd ve y attractive offers .7rom two other cities to
ove their op eretion there.  I mentioned this matter ,t two
successive Lions Clib meetinjs when it was 'C d6 to aoint
a committee to mcet with the Ariens brothers,
The couniittee dole'ted to m eet with them ws comp  sed of
Fred Luecker, Tohn Pflug cr and Art Neumeyer ch" rman.
Tut to my sorrow, th-e d- of -he meetins 7 was sic! in bed
--nd could not be oresent.   ever the neetin betwren Fred
Luecker and John eflueer, and the Ariens brothers, resulted
in an agreeable arraneme-nt and within a short time the
Ariens Company made their first major expoansion here.
After being advised of the rec-
ommendation a letter was re-
ceived from Francis Ariens in-
dicating displeasure with the re-
moval of the family homestead,
indicating that the original inten-
tion of the donation was two fold,
first to preserve and renovate
the 70 year old house as a his-
torical landmark and to fulfill
the library's need for additional
space.  The Ariens Foundation
also offered the City $10,000 to
be used for renovation of the
The letter also requests the
City explore the possibilities of
other sites throughout the com-
munity as potential library sites.
Mr. Ariens also explained that
the home had intrinsic historical
value and was a very unique
example of early architecture.
The house had been examined
on the request of the City by
both Nichols and Barone and the
State  Industrial  Commission
which indicated the expense to
remodel to meet codes would
make the project impractical.
The Council, in a unanimous
vote, with Alderman Miller being
absent, accepted in full the rec-
ommendation of the Library
Board to accept the donation and
authorize the use of the Ariens
homestead property as a site for
the new library.
Members of the Library Board
are Eldor Kopitzke, President;
Gaylord Unbehaun, Mrs. Edward
Schmitz,  Mrs. Peggy Jentink,
Miss Agnes Braun, Mrs. Richard
Larson, Mrs. Joan Zutz, Mrs.
Lynabelle Habermann, Librarian
and Mrs. Ella Schlei, Asst. Li-
Although the Council accepted
the Library  Board's  recom-
mendation, no formal offer has
been received from Mr. Peters.
The City of Brillion will accept quotations until 5:00 p.m.
March 12th, 1973 for:
Removal from ground level of former Ariens home
and all adjacent buildings belonging thereto, same
being located at Main Street and Park Ave., Out-
lot 6, Assessors Plat NW1/4, NW1/4, Sec. 25 T20
R20E in the City of Brillion.
Bids to be opened on March 12th at 8:00 p.m. The City
Council reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
Wesley Howell
City Clerk

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