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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

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Council Will Swap
Rooms to Enlarge Library Facilities
A -
BRILLION-A special session
of the City Council   was held
Monday afternoon at 4:30 p.m.
to discuss the possible rearrange-
ment ef the City Hall to provide
more space for the library and
additional space for the city hall
The library board has appeared
before the council on several oc-
casions urging some  action on
what they deem a serious space
Mrs. L. Habermann, librarian,
appeared at the council requeting
a decision be made because a
serious backlog of books is be-
ing created from a shortage of
shelving. New shelving has been
ordered for the library to arrive
within the month. Library offi-
cials feel that the construction
and filling of shelves in the old
library just to move into, some
new quarters would be a waste
of time. They would prefer some
type of plan be established so
that an orderly movement can be
The council, who has evidently
been  exposed to the serious li-
brary proolem passed their appro-
val on a plan that will move the
library into the present council
To create additional room for
the clerk-treasurer-assessor office
a door will be cut into the Chief
of Police and Fire Chief's office
and that room will be used as a
office extension.
A small office will be partition-
ed in an arena of present library
to accommodate    the chief  of
police and accommodations will
be made in fire department quar-
ters for the fire chief's office.
Present also was Mr. Dix of the
Department ef Natural Resources
who presently  is given  office
space in the council chambers. He
was informed that due to the
change he would be required to
seek different accommodations.
The drivers license examiners
who conduct license examinations
in the present council chambers
will be given the use of the new
council chambers.
Plans will be mapped for the
move and cost estimates on the
remodeling will be analyzed in
future council meetings.
Mayor Wolf questioned the
council on the position that he
should take as the representative
to the hearing conducted by Rep.
Laird on the creation of addition-
al medical training facilities in
the State of Wisconsin.
The mayor pointed out that the
Wisconsin state average for doc-
ters is 909 and Calumet is the
ninth worst in the state with a
2,763 per doctor count. The coun-
cil will take the position that
there is in fact a shortage of qual-
ified general practitioners.
The first reading of Resolution
188 authorizing the treasurer to
deposit  and  withdraw   public
funds was accomplished.
The first reading of ordinance
242 making changes required by
HUD to Ordinaace 209 was read.
A hearing on the ordinance will
be held on Monday, April 20 at
8:30 p.m.
A short discussion arising from
complaints on the roughness of
the construction ditch created by
the new water and sewer lines on
the corner of Main and Horn
It was pointed out that the ditch
has been filled at least 8 times
by the steady traffic that causes
the problem. Until weather clears
up no permanent repairs can be
made and constant temporary
repairs will continue.
BRILLION--In a surprise ap-
F,?arance before the BrillionCity
Council  on   Monday evening
Francis Ariensofferedasadona-
tion the Henry Ariens Homestead
for  library  purposes.  The
building located on the corner of
Park and Main is one of the
older large homes in the con-
The donation would be made,
by Francis and Mando Ariens
and its use would be specifically
indicated 'or a library.
The home, a 26 x 42 block
type structure has an early gothic
appearance and would provide for
library purposes 10,000 sq. ft.
of   useable space on each of
two floors. The large lot with
130 ft. on Main Street and 177 feet
on Park Avenue could easily
accommodate an adequate park-
ing lot.
The generous off   caught
the council in the process of
making plans for the exit of
their quarters to allow the li-
brary to expand.  The Ariens
offer and the moving plans in
the city hall will be taken up at
a special Board of Public Works
meeting to be set up within the
next week.
Si .Iry   Recerty
Ariens Brothers Offer
Homestead For Public Library

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