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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

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New Fire Truck Arrives
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Fire Chief Oscar Beilke
F ir e Chief Beilke
Announces Retirement
BRILLION -- Brillioa Fire
Chief for 29 years, Oscar Beilke,
in a letter presented to the City
Council on Monday evening an-
nounced his retirement effective
January 1, 1972. Oscar, who has
served as a fireman for 50 years
started his career as a fire-
fighter in 1921 at the age of 19.
In 1927 he was promoted to Chief
Engineer and in 1942 he assumed
the position of Chief of the De-
During his 50 years of ser-
vice to the department he also
was instrumental in the organi-
zation of the safety league in
1936.  This group of Fire De-
partments from this area, which
started with 16, hasnow expanded
to 40 and promotes safety and
education in fire fighting tech-
niques. Chief Beilke also served
asa n Officer of the Calumet
County Fire Chiefs Association
several years. He served as a
member of the Brillion City
Council and is presently on the
AVIT 12 Fox Valley Technical
Advisory Committee for Fire
Oscar will serve in an advisor
capacity to the department after
his retirement.
His employers during his
career as a fireman have been
Brillion Auto Company for 36
years and the BrillionfIron Works
for   11 years and isnow a
retired-part time employee.
In his letter to the council
he stated:
"After having to be available
day and night, rain or shine,
to save lives, protect property
and to protect jobs, I would
like to be a free man to do as
I please and to go when I wantto."
He also expressed his thanks
to the people of Brillion for their
cooperation and support through
the years.
Central Exchange during recent
years. "We welcome this pay-
ment as a generous return on
the investment in our company's
own wholesale operations," he
Robert L. Cook, manager of
Brillion Co-op said this stock
retirement comes at an appro-
priate time, during October which
has been proclaimed "Coopera-
tive Month" by many governors.
It's a good reminder, he in-
dicated, of how "Cooperatives
Care--about a lot of things."
Robert L. Cook said "the stock
retirement helps the economy of
the local community because this
money will largely remain here to
help everyone in the area through
local purchases of goods and
services, the payment of taxes,
and furnishing employment, It
also shows that in a cooperative
the savings belong to the people
who use it. Thus cooperatives
help their members to build a
better life for themselves, their
community and the nation.
Plan Beilke
BRILLION -- Fifty years of
dedicated service to the com-
munity will be recognized April
23 with a testimonial dinner for
Oscar Beilke, retired Chief of
the Brillion Volunteer Fire De-
partment. Every civic organiza-
tion in Brillion has volunteered
to help with the program. Oscar
joined the department in 1921,
and retired January1, 1972. Many
Brillion citizens have contributed
to the departments present sta-
ture,  but few    will  question
Beilke's role in building it into
one of the best small townvolun-
teer fire departments inWiscon-
BRILLION -- Brillion's new
snorkle fire truck arrived in
Brillion Monday upon comple-
tion and testing in Appleton.
The new fire truck has the
most modern fire fighting ap-
paratus with the extending boom
type snorkle equipment, c. ble
of extending izr over mosltibtd
ings in Brillion placing the fire-
man directly at the source of
any blaze. The truck is capable
of pumping 1,000 gallons per
minute through a varied number
of bose a~i~
The truck will be placed in
service after thefirstoftheyear.
Training of operating firemen
by factory representatives will
take place during the next sev-
eral weeks.
The cost of the vehicle will
be $60,000 with additional equip-
ment being placed on the vehicle
through a donation by R. D.
The Chassis is a Ford pur-
chased from Horn Ford, Bril-
lion. The body and pump were
16stom made by Pierce Body of
Fire Chief Oscar Bielke re-
ceives the keys for Brillion's
new snorkle fire truck from Horn
Ford Sales Representative Eldor
Pictured above are left to right
Chief Engineer Lloyd Wolfmeyer,
Buboltz, Beilke, Truck Driver
Jerome Aplin and new Fire Chief
Elver Krueger.
Appleton and the snorkle unit was
made and installed by Snorkle
at St. Joseph, Mo.
NEW PUMPER - Mayor Clarence Wolf of
Brillion, lower right, checks out the Brillion
Fire Department's new, pumper - snorkel
type fire truck with Oscar Beilke, former fire
chief. The unit, three years in the planning,
is in full use with a 500 gallon supply tank
and is capable of pumping 2,000 gallons per
minute. Unidentified man on extension boom
eyes ladder used for special rescue work. Six
persons are programmed to operated, the
equipment which cost about $60,000. (R. F.
Hoerth photo).
Sponsored by the Fire Depart-
ment, the testimonial dinner will
be held Sunday, April 23 at the
Community Center. The Lions
Club, Women's Club, Boy and
Girl Scouts, Jaycees and Jay-
cettes, and the American Legion
and its Auxiliary all have as-
sumed responsibility for a part
of the program.    Tickets are
priced at $3.00, and are available
from the above organizations.
The afternoon program will
start with an open house at the
Community Center from 3:00 to
5:00 p.m. It will include a display,
and memorabilia of the depart-
ments' early years. This part
of the program will be handled
by the Jaycees and American
Legion. The Brillion Volunteer
Fire Department has a history
going back to the 1880's, and the
two   organizations have  been
working hard to collect a repre-
sentative sample of that three-
quarter century.
The dinner program will be
from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Vogel's
Diner will cater the meal, with
the Fire Department in charge
of arrangements. The Women's
Club and Legion Auxilliary will
be in charge of refreshmentsand
a luncheon in the afternoon; the
Girl Scouts and Jaycettes will be
in charge of table decorations;
the Boy Scouts will be in charge
of the opening ceremonies for
dinner; and the Lions Club of
Brillion will handle the after
dinner program, beginning about
7:00 p.m.
The Testimonial dinner is a
community effort, and one that is
truly well deserved. Beilke was
a leader in giving Brillion the
fire protection it now enjoys.

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