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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

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Memr of
Near 400 Acres Will
Annex to South Of BrihI
R. R. Toepel, left, presented to
Mayor Clarence   Wolf a new
homemade gavel and block on
the occasion of the starting of
his eighth term as Mayor of
the City of Brillion. The gift
male by Toepel, is in sincere
appreciation for his dedication
to the best interests of all Bril-
lion citizens.
BRILLION-With the reading
of Ordinance 224 at Monday's
regular session of the Council, dis-
closed publicly of the annexation
of just under 400 acres of land to
Brillion on the south side. The
area bounded by straight south
from the   north-south road  of
Lover's Lane to the south to the
north edge of the Conservation
Club running behind the Deer
Run Golf Course to include the
area on both sides of Highway 114
leaving the city limits.
There will be 55 voters in the
annexed area of which 41 signed
the petition to be annexed to the
city. The affected area will have
about 400 acres of mostly farm
lands, but will also include 28
residences and the Deer Run Golf
The assessed valuation of the
annexation has been conservative-
ly placed at $310,000 with $100,-
000 of the valuation belonging to
the golf course.
Problems pushing this annexa-
tion were the conditions arising
with septic tanks at residences on
the south side and the poor re-
lationships between town and the
golf course and on the assessment
of properties.
Annexation of Over 100 Acres
to City Accepted By Council
BRILLION -- The Brillion
Council met in special session
to consider the annexation of a
possible 123.12 acres of land
primarily lying in the path of
Brillion industrial and com-
merical growth.
The BIW had proposed the an-
nexation of 15.97 acres on the
east side, north of Horn Park
which would be involved in the
construction of the new 4 mil-
lion dollar foundry expansion.
Approached, but not yet con-
firmed was 33.15 acres of land
east of the present   Larsen
Company   belonging  to them
and  used   for  their canning
The largest block would be
the 74 acres which basically
is  two 40 acre blocks lying
directly west of the Brillion Co-
op Vocational School.
The first forty acre piece is
now the property   of Ariens
formerly belonging to Ed Barth,
Next is a 10 acre strip on which
Bob Endries is presently con-
structing  his   new building
and on the n orth sideof
the road is a 16 acre parcel
which  he has an option that
he expects  to exercise. The
remaining portion of the 74 acres
is 8 acres belonging to Ariens
Company that lies on the south
side of the curve of Highway 10
going west.
The Ariens Company has pur-
chased the 40 acres of Barth
land in order to correct a sur-
face water problem. They in-
tend to redesign the present water
drainage system traveling west
of their plant and will run the
water to the rear of the purchased
40 acres and around the back of
the   Endries  property  and
through  the land to the west
and toward the Brillion swamp.
The only cost for the City in
the changing of the water drain-
age system will be the con-
struction of waterway in  the
Schneider farm   south of this
annexation.  Its    estimated
cost of $1,100 was verbally ap-
proved by the Council.
The Council accepted the an-
nexation  proposal and had a
first reading  by title only of
an ordinance accepting the lands
for annexation.
The Council approved the pay-
ment for the new squad car to
Central garage for the delivery
of the new Dodge car.
L. Pagel.
Ted. Rchhorst
Nor, E J
Deor Run
~4I  ~
'r'A l  ,   I
Conservation Qiujb Prop.
m -U
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