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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

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City oF New Holstein
New Holstein, Wis.
October 5,1940&
r. Arthur Neumeyer,
Brillion, Wisconsin.
Lear hr . Neumeyer:
My apologies for not having sent to you before this, the
figures and information of added expenses to the city of New Holstein aue
to their change from a Uillage to a City form of government.
On the enclosed form, I have listed the asaessed valuation
of the village and city by years that may be of most interest to you and
also the tax rates.1ou will note that in the year 1924, when we were still
a village, the rate was 46.50 per hundred dollars of assessed valuation,
this was larggly due to the fact that during the years 1924 and 1925 the
heavge disposal plant was installed and the cost of this with the engineeing
and contract fees made it necessars to raise more money.Then again ouring
the years 192o, 1927 and 1928 there was added expense for the building of a
small school to huse our kindergarten and first grade, construction of a
park pavilion and the paving of our local street.Trowever during this time,
in fact in the spring- of 1926- New Holstein became a city of the fourth
class and the raise in the tax rate was ndt due to any expenses incurred
from this change in form of government, in fact our receipts from state
allottments were increased which helped to offset other and new expenses.
Cur 3tate aid for local streets was increased, anu the Utility Taxes were
also inecr-eased CGue to the fact that in the case of a village one half of
ouch Utility Taxes are allotted to the school fund and in the case of a iity
form the entire amount is credited to the city. This ruling may now include
villages as I -have not had any recent information on this law. During the
years of 1930 thru 1964 our tax rate was considerably reduced as our state
aids increased due to the powers and riphts received thru our county board.
The representation of more members on the county board are very beneficial
to any city and in your case, with three wards, you would have three ipembers
to represent you and benefit you on said county board.
I have tried to cover any information tha t may be of in-
terest to you and am willing to state that our tax rate will be decreased
in the near future in spite of the fact that we are trying to raise a fund
for the building of a now school which is very necessary to our city. This
you will not have to meet as you already have a fine school building, your
streets are paved and from my observation your town is fine enough a place
to be a city as well as other laces in the county.
With  more power to you in this venture and hoping that ya
will call upon me at any time for further information I shall be wi.lling to
give my time to your effort.
Very truly, yours,
City Clerk.

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