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Neumeyer, Arthur J. (ed.) / The birth of a city: Brillion from village to city April 4, 1944
(April 4, 1944)

Where on earth is Brillion? PDF (110.6 MB)

FIrst, 2 am going to make a sort of an introductions
I am re resenting tie rilion C;aber of 7or merce as -
chairuman of the ?Iivic and Con1vention co irttee. This
ao i1ttee consat o f '. 2c 1z, z tto -.rrat, 'ouis
um~i and 2yelf
y1 ission la a rather an imortnt one Arom     atandpoint
of a sanitary measure, the welf re of our health and
tn'e elimination of fire aztrds.
o some time tie namiberb of Co-merce he felt tat
Trillion abhoulc eUabllh a g~rba>ie collect inn syster:.
t te last meeting,  pril 15thi, tie 27 he a    r
voted unaniiously in fr r of such a progr.
ye prooe a marba;e 'olection s vater --erate" oy the
ilee [ no cost           e r ,ten out of tle  eneral fund.
1ilton has Such a 'ol-up an tae ifferent ones ,hat I
intervowed on this, said tthat it wor's out especiALlly
well. '>oy used to have t:e arbase colected by private
perties 'ut it did not worr out as satisfalctcrily.
It costs the Uty o' balton cet;een  10) and   1O
annually and thy col lct -aroa:e, ahes,  ste paper,
tin cans, rubbish  clrd boar boxes, lim-I of trees,
leaves etc. but everythilng has to be :ept separately,
either in contniners or tied up in bundlc- and b)rou At
to the curbi:. -He incenerator is a home one and the
paper, Ijrush, leaven etc. is use' to burn up the Garbage.
'en t-re isn' t enouch brush or paper they pour drain
oil ovor the garbae which van go  otten at .iarages atth-
out -Olt.  ollection is made once a      aek and tthe same
men employed by the city theauthout the year do the work.
One da' is not asle to collt and burn the warbake,
and two truc'F are provLded for  -'a,  ia ml ore for
te Parcage and a lar"er one !'or .e ulkier things.
'ho  -hes and thin - thit do not !urn are used -s a
fi- '-n of a certain locatio.. In caose of rain the
marca;e is burned u3 soons as weather per:its.
avr  iedrich tol0 e that they uaed to >e troubled
with a lo- of rats )ut since the town i P t clean
the         a  1 diFa pe0 red.
Tea zi'ier of Co ,ierce has 39 me-lbers on -  thirnk
there isn't one that wouldn't be in favor of a farbage
collection system. If the Lionn C lub would be   :eached
on this feel that they would also be 100 for it.

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