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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Churches,   pp. [65]-72

Page 72

Reverend Twiton 
                    Barneveld Lutheran Church 
     Reverend Twiton was born in the year 1932 in Sun Praire. After 
attending grade school and high school, he went to Augber College for 
four years, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Following that, he attended
the Lutheran Center for four years. The third year at Lutheran Center was
his seminary training and internship. 
     He began his ministry in Catheran, North Dakota, on the first of 
July, 1958. He came to the Barneveld Church on November 15, 1962. 
     In Barneveld, the Lutheran Congregation dates back to 1915. A 
group of Lutherans who normally went to church in Blue Mounds were given
the old Baptist Church Building for a dollar. From 1915-1954 there 
were two places to worship, one place was West Blue Mounds Lutheran church,
and the other was the old Baptist Building. 
     As the years went by the Lutherans who worshipped in the church here.
began to really form a congregation. In 1954 the Barneveld Lutheran 
Church was incorporated by the state as a legal congregational corporation.
Then, in 1957, Barneveld and Blue Mounds formed a parish, and aquired 
a pastor. Before that time they were served by a pastor out of Mt. Horeb.
     As of January first, 1977, the membership in Barneveld Lutheran 
was about 612 people. 
     The church has two choirs, a senior choir and junior choir. The 
Junior consists of kids from fourth to ninth grade, while the senior 
choir is for people from the-tenth grade and older. The church also has 
a council which is the ruling body of the congregation and consists of 
nine members. The ALCW is the wom!h's group which meets monthly for 
Bible study. Finally there is regular Sunday School for senior high 
kid3,and an adult Bible class. 
     The Lutheran Church groups and its individued members play a varied
and vital role in our community. 

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