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Fifth hour english and social studies class, Barneveld High School, Barneveld, WI / Barneveld community profile
(June, 1977)

Government,   pp. [9]-17 ff.

Page 14

Interview - John Carr 
     John Carr has been a member of the Barneveld Village Board 
for two years and was recently re-elected to his second term. As a 
village board trustee, he takes part in the responsibility of looking 
after the assets of the community. Other duties of the board include 
establishing the taxing and mill rate and raising money to finance the 
operation of the village. 
     Mr. Carr is uncertain as to the origin of the Barneveld Village 
Board, but said that the Village Board concept is sanctioned by the 
consititution of the State of Wisconsin. Therefore, Village Board and 
the rules and laws that regulate thier function, evolved out of the 
early development of the state's constitution. 
     At the present, there is a major issue facing the board, that of 
residentual expansion. In the past the village itself has always 
made a major contrubution to the development expenses of the developers.
how, due to the rapidly rising cost of sewer lines, water lines and 
utility services, the board is strongly looking at what position they should
take on development and expansion in conjunction with the contractor. 
They are basicly taking the position that the contractor should shoulder
the bulk of the developmental costs which includes: sidewalks, streets, 
sewer, curb and gutter, storm sewer and water and build those costs into
the sale price of the lot that they sell. 
     This also presents a problem to the community. Does Barneveld want 
growth and expansion? Is bigger better? There are people who feel 
a major population growth would be a step forward for Barneveld and 
those tAat feel an explosive population growth isn't what the community 
is looking for. The total feeling of the people hasn't been sorted 
out yet. 
     Another problem that Mr. Carr sees in the community is vandelism and
what he likes to call "weekend rowdieness". This includes vandelism,
excessive speeding and noise and general law breaking. He feels every 
community has its of these types of troubles and Barneveld is no 
exception. When asked how the community itself feels about the board, 
Mr. Carr said he had "mixed feelings". When a vote is taken on
issue, a popular discision will usually be somewhere between a 60-40 

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