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McCoy's Beloit and South Beloit City Directory

McCoy's Beloit city directory 1917,   pp. [29]-274 PDF (67.4 MB)

Page 30

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30                 McCOY'S BELOIT CITY DIRECTORY.
Acker Walter G, wife Elenora, painter, r 1022 Central av.
Ackerman Clarence M, wife Albertina, wks Fairbanks-Morse, r 221 E
Merrill av.
Ackerman Claude, wks Fairbanks-Morse, rms 221 E Merrill av.
Ackerman Miss Daisy, tchr Merrill Sch, r 1036 Union.
Ackerman Dora, wid P W, r 1036 Union.
Ackerman Vere, wks Fairbanks-Morse, r 221 E Merrill av.
Ackley Clarence R, wks J Foster Co, r 725 Church.
Ackley Miss Florence D, student Beloit College, r 725 Church.
Ackley George T, r 800 E Grand av.
Ackley Helen G, wid B F, r 721 W Portland av.
Ackley Robert W, wife Ella M, clk Stiles & Rogers, r 725 Church.
Ackley Willard C, wife Florence, acct Fairbanks-Morse, r 622 Milwaukee rd.
Adams Mrs Ella H, r 1304 Prairie av.
Adams Harry, r 1063 Harrison av.
Adams Harry A, wife Sarah, (Miller & Adams), r 326 Prospect.
ADAMS HARRY W, wife Prudence M, lawyer 308-312 Goodwin Blk and
mayor of Beloit, r 834 Church.
Adams Miss Louise, tchr Gaston Sch.
Adams Raymond W, student Beloit College, rms Chapin Hall.
Adams Samuel D, wife Harriet, phys director, r 622 Harrison av.
Adamson Frank, timekpr P F Mork, bds 831 Osborn dr.
Addie Cecil, elk C M & St P, rms 314 Short.
Addy Wm C, wife Mary, r 115 Oak Grove av (S B).
African M E Church, Rev J S A Mitcham pastor, 519 St Paul av.
Ahara Hugh H, wife Manira, elk Yates Mach Co, r 1214 W Merrill av.
Ahlers Jacob, wife Dora, elk F Kaplan, r 332 Locust.
Ahlstedt Miss Ellen, r 631 Bluff.
Ahlstrom Thomas L, wife Elsie, foreman Fairbanks-Morse, r 1234 Porter
Ainsworth Frank D, wife Susan, wks Stewart-Warner, r 218 Harrison av (S
Ainsworth George W, wife Hattie brick layer, r 372 Kenwood av.
Ainsworth Percy F, r 218 Harrison av (S B).
Ainsworth Miss Rena, r 218 Harrison av (S B).
Aland Mrs Anna, r 1109 Bushnell.
Aland John M, wks Fairbanks-Morse, r 1109 Bushnell.
Alberts J Clarence, wife Lizzie, wks B Paper House, r 627 Hackett.
Alberts Lee, mach Fairbanks-Morse, r 627 Hackett.
Albrecht Henry, wife Sophia, wks Fairbanks-Morse, r 947 Harrison av.
Albrecht Robert, wks B Iron Wks, r 947 Harrison av.
Albrecht Wm, wife Mollie, carp, r 1238 Moore.
Albricht Charles F, wife Josephine, janitor Wright Sch, r 1002 Union.
Alcan Everett, wife Daisy, tool mkr Fairbanks-Morse, r 715 Brooks.
Alcan Howard, wife Emma, bartndr A Wienke, r 420 Locust.
Alcan Irwin, wks Fairbanks-Morse, r 372 W Grand av.
Alcock Belle, wid George, r 1040 Copeland av.
Alcock Clarence, wks Fairbanks-Morse, r 1040 Copeland av.
Alcock Lela, wid George, r 1212 Nelson av.
ALDRICH ALONZO, wife Jennie D, pres Beloit Iron Works, r 423 Bluff.
Aldrich Mrs Bernice, truant officer P S, r 1145 Prairie av.
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