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Beloit city directory for 1902

Compendium of general information,   pp. 7-[41] PDF (6.9 MB)

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Longley Quality in Every Longley Hat
Clubs and Societies
Anti-Horse Thief Association: Pres., R. M. Turner; Vice-Pres.,
A Loewi; 2nd Vice-Pres., B. D. Treadway; Sec., Treas., R. H. Brown.
Beloit Federation of Woman's Clubs: Pres., Mrs. A. N. Bort;
Vice-Pres., Mrs. C. E. Andrews; Sec., Mrs. Joseph Janvrin; Treas., Mrs.
C. A. Emerson.
Officials of the Beloit Inter-State Fair and Driving Association:
President, A. J. Lovejoy; Vice-President, J. N. Chamberlin; Secretary,
D. H. Pollock; Treasurer, B. P. Eldred; Gen'l Supt., Geo. Cram; Assis-
tant Secretary, C. A. Gault; Supt. Draft Horses, Geo. Crosby; Supt.
Speed, H. W. Buckbee, Rockford; Supt. Privileges, D. B. Barningham,
Harrison, Ill.; Supt. Poultry and Pet Stock, A. B. Miller, Shirland, Ill.;
Supt. Forage, Foster Graham, Harrison, Ill.; Supt. Fat Cattle and Dairy,
L. E. Moseley; Supt. Floral Hall, C. A. Gault; Supt. Horticulture, John
James, Manchester; Supt. Agriculture, Chas. Lathers; Supt. Art Dept.,
Mrs. W. C. Weirick; Supt. Culinary Dept., Mrs. W. D. Hall; Supt.
Gates, A. F. Goss; Marshal, W. T. Ball; Assistant Marshal, W. H.
Catholic Aid Society: Pres., Miss Delia Clifford; Vice-Pres.;
Miss Elizabeth McCabe; Sec., Mrs. Geo. Lynch; Treas., Mrs. Michael
G. A. R.: Commamder, S. D. Ross; Senior Vice Commander, Geo.
West; Junior Vice-Commander, S. W. Barr; Sergeant C. G. Turney;
Chaplain, E. M. Gammon; Officer of the Day, A. C. Stevens; Adjutant,
T. P. Northrop; Quartermaster, Joseph Wetzler; Officer of the Guard,
J. D. Cole; Trustee, J. S. Wetzler, three years; Delegates to State
Encampment, A. Schellenger, W. L. Austin; Alternates, J. A. Howe,
J. D. Lee. Hall, Robinson Bik. Meets First and Third Tuesday night
of each month
Independent Order of Good Templars, Centennial Lodge, No. 255:
C. T., Clark Schurman; Vice T., Harriet Marks; Supt. Juvenile Tem-
ples, Nellie Anderson; Sec., Anna Chipman; Ass't Sec., Aldulah Havens;
Financial Sec., Caroline Franz; Treas. Frank Anderson; M., Earl Mat-
son; D. M., Nellie Andeson; Chaplin, Mrs. A. L. Matson; G., Weston
Hazeltine; S., Bert Bond; Lodge Deputy, Charles Franz.
Women's Christirn Temperance Uhion: Pres. Mrs. Geo, M.
Allen: Vice-Pres., Mrs. Ramsey; Rec. Sec., Mrs. Dr. Searles; Cor. Sec.,
Mrs. C. F. Hardy; Treas., Mrs. Chas. Franz.
Women's Relief Corps: President, Mrs. D. Schellenger; senior
vice president, Mrs. A. Robinson; junior vice president, Mrs. A. Wes-
sell; Treasurer, Mrs. H. Purcell; chaplain, Mrs. R. H. Brown; conduct-
ress, Miss Ann Harnden; guard, Mrs. Levi Briggs. Meets at G. A. R.
hall, first and third Tuesday each monto.
Skandanavian Aid Society: F., Peter Madsen; V. F., Arnie
Erickson; Secretary, Lauvrits Johnson; Treasurer, Carl Holte. Meet
first Wednesday of month at 313 Bridge street.
J. B. DO W,

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