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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

The Dells dam,   pp. 58-59 PDF (389.4 KB)

Page 59

wheels and flumes and to furnish the city the necessary grounds
for operating the water-wheels which the city was to put in
after the wheels for power were installed by the Dells Improve-
ment Company, the city reserving the right to the water it
might want to use for driving its pump-the Dells Improve-
ment Company being permitted to use the water in excess of
the city's requirements. The Dells Improvement Company was
also required to build the flume from the west end of the dam
into Half Moon lake, tunneling a long distance before it
reached Half Moon lake; and the Improvement Company was
required to put in a gate and separate sluice-way for the logs
to be run into Half Moon lake; also, to put in a wide sluice-way,
known as the large Tainter gate and sluice, to sluice the logs
for down the river. It was obliged to put in a jam boom, with
large piers, to stop the logs where they were to be sorted; also,
to put in a line of piers so as to leave a channel for the logs for
Half Moon lake and those for our mill on the west side of the
river. Hence, it required a large space of water inside the
river to hold the logs that were to be stopped here. The im-
provements cost a large sum of money, much more than the
$100,000 capital stock of the Dells Improvement Company and
the $95,000 of bonds issued by the city. The money was advanc-
ed by a few stockholders of the company and was repaid
after some time by the booming charges. In the lease it was
provided the Dells Improvement should have the $100,000 of
water-works bonds the city was to issue to aid in the building
of the dam, but the Improvement Company received only $95,-
000 of them.

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