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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Local church activities,   pp. 46-47 PDF (419.4 KB)

Page 47

had to be hauled here-I think most of it from Portage. When
the building was completed they were owing Shaw & Hunting-
ton about $800 and Shaw & Huntington were owing us for
lumber they had got for some building they were doing. We
were calling on them for pay, and they were calling on the
church for pay, and it was finally arranged that Mr. Kennedy
and myself would assume the payment of the $800 to Shaw &
Huntington, and we made a turn of that much on what Shaw
& Huntington were owing us. The trustees (I think Mr.
Kennedy was one of them) promised to pay us as soon as they
could collect it; and so far as I know they have never collected
it. So we got some $800 more into the church building than
we had subscribed for it, and I have been wondering whether
it would be advisable to call on the trustees of the Presbyter-
ian church now for that $800 and interest. Some of the time
Mr. Kidder, and some of the time Mr. McNair occupied the
church. The next year it was decided to organize a Congre-
gational church on the West side, which was done, and a move-
ment made for building a church. Quite a number of people
had come into the town, settling on either side of the river.
Mr. McNair and Mr. Kidder had each built a residence on the
East side, and a little later Mr. Kidder built a house on the
West side.
   About the same time school districts were organized on the
two sides of the river, Mr. Kidder taking a very active part
in the school on the West side and Mr. McNair on the East side.
   Soon after the church was built on the East side a Baptist
minister came here and held evangelistic services in it. There
was a good deal of interest in the meetings, and among others
I felt it was my duty to unite with the church over there. After-
wards, when the church was built on the West side, your
mother and I took our letters from the Presbyterian church
and united with the Congregational.
   Our first child died while we were in Ottawa and our son
Charlie was born here September 12, 1858.

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