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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

With the Gilmore Company,   pp. 21-23 PDF (630.7 KB)

Page 22

the other plants. The store at Ottawa supplied their timber
operations on the Ottawa and its tributaries above Ottawa.
They got out a large amount of square timber that was hewed
and rafted to Quebec, where it was taken into vessels for Lon-
don, Liverpool and Glasgow. They also shipped large quan-
tities of timber from New Brunswick, where their firm was
known as the Gilmore & Rankin. Their firm name at London,
Liverpool and Glasgow was Pollock & Gilmore, and their ships
carried flags marked P. G., which the sailors said stood for
"poor grub." The company had about six hundred vessels on
the Atlantic and carried their own insurance.
   When I went to the Gatineau mills I boarded with the son
of the millwright, whose name was Petrie. He lived in one of
the company's houses and two maiden sisters did the work.
They were very Scotehy, and there I got my first lesson in
oatmeal porridge, which they made very thin, and for break-
fast always had oatmeal porridge, some toast, and coffee. I
ingratiated myself pretty well into the good graces of the son
and the sisters, and occasionally took your mother there to
spend a day or two with them. Afterwards Mr. Gilmore found
out, and I presume through me, that his head-bookkeeper, of
whom he had a good opinion, was drinking too much, and that
his assistant bookkeeper, a young man from a good family in
Ottawa, was also drinking too much, and that his head man
at the piling ground was given to drinking too much. Mr.
Gilmore came to the mills frequently and would sometimes stay
over night with the old agent, an old Scotchman of whom he
thought a good deal. Sometimes he spent his evenings with
me, in a room in a wing connected with the store and office,
and he suggested to me one evening that I put a couple of bed-
rooms in that wing, finish them up in such shape as I would
like to have them, and that he would put in a library for me.
He thought by that means I could have an eye on the help
which he was afraid must in the end result in their being dis-
charged, for when their work was done, at night, and the of-

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