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Ingram, Orrin Henry, 1830-1918 / Autobiography, Orrin Henry Ingram : May, 1830--December, 1912

Manager--law in Canada,   pp. 10-16 PDF (1.4 MB)

Mill-building superintendent,   p. 16 PDF (201.5 KB)

Married and again at Bytown,   pp. 16-17 PDF (414.3 KB)

Page 16

16                 AUTOBIOGRAPHY
though the company was not at all liable, my way of treating
such a matter would have been to do a little something for the
men. Some of the men I hired worked there while I remained
at Brewer' Mills.
   It was a great place along the Rideau canal for fever and
ague. Sometimes a third of the mill men would be laid off on
account of the ague. I had a touch of it myself and was oblig-
ed to use too much quinine to prevent it, so I advised Mr. Fox
and Mr. Angling that I could not remain on that account, but
would try to find them another to take my place. I did that?
and went to Belleville, Canada, about fifty miles from Kingston,
near the head of the Bay of Quinte. A Befleville man had vis-
ited the mills while I was at Brewer's and was anxious to have
me and also to get him a millwright to build a mill at Belleville;
and to give them a plan of it as I would like to have it built,
so I wrote them I would superintend the building of the mill
and perhaps run it a little after it was built. While building
that mill I was engaged to build or superintend the 'building
of two other mills, gang mills.
     While building those mills I went back to Lake George and
 married your mother, December 11, 1851. She was the next
 youngest daughter of Capt. Pliny Pierce, who resided on Fed-
 eral Hill, about two miles from Goodman's Corners. I left her
 at Glens Falls with her sister, Mrs. Bronson, and returned to
 Belleville. I soon decided that I had better have my wife with
 me, so I returned to Glens Falls for her. I finished those mills
 and ran the first one started during the summer, and then en-
 gaged to build another mill, on the Moirah river, about nine
 miles from Belleville, a gang-mill, water power. The other
 mills in that vicinity were steam mills. While we were there
 our first child was born.

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