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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

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                     Poultry Husbandry
                     ANT M. 0. NORTHI
  The poultry Department is equipped with poultry buildings.
colony houses, a complete line of incubators, brooders, and oth-
er poultry apparatus, such as cramming machines and bone
cutters. In addition, some twenty varieties of chickens, two of
geese, and three of ducks, furnish ample material for poultry
judging. These will be used to help the student to become
familiar with general poultry raising. Several years of careful
trapnesting and pedigree hatching have developed strains of
heavy laying chickens that will be used, Ane xtensive file of
poultry journals and books is to be found in the Agricultural
  A. Poultry Raiming. A general survey lecture course in
v hich the problems of the various phases of poultry raising aria
studied. Brief consideration is given to feeding hens for win-
ter egg production: culling and selection for egg production:
artificial incubation and brooding and market eggs and poul-
tiy. Mr. Halpin and Mr. Holmes.
  B. Poultry Judging.  Practice in the identification of the
more common breeds and varieties. Judging poultry for stand-
ard breed qualities: culling and judging hens for egg produc-
tion. MMr. Halpin and Mr. Holmes.
  C. Production amid *larketing of Poultry Prolduetm. Feeding.
housing, and managing the flock for egg production; meth-
ods of sanitation. Candling, grading and packing market
eggs; producing quality in market poultry; systems of market-
ing poultry products. Mr. Halpin and Mr. Holmes.
  D. Incubation and Brooding. Laboratory work consisting in
the actual operation of incubators. A study of chick develop-
nment and the factors that influence fertility and hatchability
of eggs. Artificial brooding and the feeding, care and man-
agement of baby chicks. Mr. Holmes and     North.
                  Workshop Departments
ASSISTANT   PROFESSOR     )ORRANS.    (Superintendent of
  A. Elementary Carpentry. Instruction is given in the use of
u (.od working tools. How to sharpen chisels, saws and planes.
A choice is allowed of several problems that will be of use
at ound the house or farm. Several types of joints are made,
and instruction in the use of the steel square is given. Mr.

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