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University of Wisconsin. College of Agriculture / Attend the winter course. Catalog of the short course, 1930-31

Departments of instruction,   pp. 27-38 ff. PDF (2.2 MB)

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  F. Advaneed Dalry Cattle Judging and Management. A con-
tinuation of course D. Mr. Humphrey Mr. Werner.
  G. Swine Judging and Management. Mr. Fargo.
  H. Cow-testing Atmoelationx. Outline problems of the asso-
ciation officers and the cow-tester. A complete set of records
will be computed by each student and an attempt made to fit
the student for cow-testing association work. The course is
equally important to the man who is operating a farm and de-
veloping a herd. Advanced Registry standards and records will
also be studied. Mr. Harris, Mr. Cramer.
  1. Horse Judging and Management. Mr. Fuller.
                       Farm Dairying
  In farm dairying, students receive instruction in the general
principles which are involved in the production, testing, and
handling of milk and cream at farms for city markets, cream-
eries, condenseries, and cheese factories, and the making of
dairy products on the farm and in the' factory.
  A. Farm Dairying. The dairy laboratory is equipped with
the most approved apparatus for the testing of milk, the sep-
aration of cream and the manufacture of butter and other
dairy products. Practical instruction in all branches of farm
dairying, including the testing of milk and cream, the detec-
tion of the more common adulterants of these products and
the operation of hand separators, churns, butter workers,
milk coolers, and other appliances of the dairy.
                   Economic Entomology
                    STRlUCTOR MARVIN
  The importance of insect control on the farm is recognized
by the farmer, but his opportunities for study are limited, and
the occasional information which he picks up is usually gone
from his mind before he has an opportunity to apply it.
  A. Farm Insect, and Control. A study of the more import-
ant insect pests of farm, garden and orchard crops to admit of
ready recognition and treatment. Principles of insect control
will be studied and applied to individual insects according to
the best known methods. Mr. Fluke.
  B. Beekeeping. Practical beekeeping for those who desire to
study the elementary principles of the subject. Each student
will have an opportunity to familiarize himself with up-to-dat,.
methods and equipment for the handling of bees, the produc-
tion of comb and extracted honey, grading and marketing the
honey, bee diseases, their recognition and treatment. Mr.

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