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Gay, Leonard W. / New atlas of Dane County, Wisconsin, prepared from actual surveys and from the county records

Berry: Township 8 North, Range 7 East ,   pp. 8-9

Page 8

Pbstoffice Directory of Berry.
Marxville, 1
Mazomanie, 2
Springfield Corners, 3
Black Earth,
Ctoss Plains,
Annen, Adami 1
Annen, Wi. 5
Annen, latt. 5
Anneii, John 1
Bauthin, Aug. 1
Balter, Geo. I
!Ialdwig, Maitin 1
Bach, Jacob 1
Bach, Win. I
Bachimeier, W. 5
Baig, Vill. 5
Benphin, J. 4
Bertz, L. 2
Beuthifn, Christ 4
Bietz, Franz 2
Billig, CIas. 2
Billig, Jacob 4
Billig, M. 4
Binger, Carl -5
Bockinan, airl I
Bockinai, Sirv 5
Bollcnbach, Jas. 5
Brieunit, J. 2
.Brenig, .J. A. 2
Brockmtian, iohn 4
Bung, -Matt. 1
Bung, Adolph .5
Buehner, Lewis 3
Btuelher, Blonif. 7,
Buchuer, Jos. -5
Buehner, -harvy 5
Bucheni, Mar 5v ;-
Buniner. Laura 4
Campbell, Chas. 2
(ornell. Helm- 4
Church, G. L. 4
I)ietz, F. I
Dinient, Fivd. 2
Iv)esen, Adam: 3
I)resei, Theo. 5
1)olfen, Tjlla :3
Dolni, F. 3
Ekstein, Paul 1
Endres, It. 3
I,;nrs Mich.3
Aldivs. \Lch 0
lEindres, Peter 3
Evert, Carl 1
Evert, J. 2
Evert, L. 1
Ivert, Wil. 3
E>ser, (wo. 5
er, .Joh n -5
Esser, Jacob 5
E Scr, -Moehior 5
Esser, ]lenlry ,
Felilaililt, Carl I
Felhidt. Wint. 2
Festge, A. 5
Forth. John 2
Friedien, N.
(Geier, .J. 1
Genieiher, Reinhart
Grob. Adam 5
fiLt kir,  I iern ial 4
11eker, -Mrs. I
1harnteing, Christ.
Hassel, eO. "1
Haskr, John 4
thrniing, Aug. 2
I-ring, Theio. 4
Helin2, Gustoie 4
H   rintz. John 4
Itickstcin Feril. 4
IHawley, \Viii. 2
Iawlh', John 2
Hawley, San. 2
Hawley.    eo. 2
Hlifznmn, R. I
.Jacohi, (Chals. 2
.Javohi, iM. 2
Jos, JoIn 4
Kaltellberg, ]'deteir 5
Kalscheur, \Vil. 4
Kalsiner, . 4
Kahl, Julius 4
IKahl, Alhet 4
Kahl, ( 4
Karls, Mait. 3
KIatei- .  \\'ill. I
K~elter, Mich. I
Ketvl)d tkr, Pll 1
Kkt- Soich, .1. 3
Kaltllhter, \Vnii, 3
IKeri, Otto 5
Koii, Matt. 5
Koch, oLury V
I(oelen, John 3l
1lou, A\nna 5
Kopdel, A. 2
ln  A. & C'o. I
L wiAu,,.1
La/phy, John :3
1auinila, Barb. 1
I  ,IketrIau. t Lili ,-r  5
Loclier, Jolii I
Ma ilwa  -rillit  .  .
la rks, Nick I
Marx, John 1). 1
Marx, Mati. I
M1:lrtill, Auti". :
Mlrtin, I enry- 3
Maxvle ('rcauivtry
Matz, W    ni. Il
Matz, li-i  I
MIatz, Ihriiain I
Meihv, Elia 2
Mtier. -Matt. I
Mehier, (;eo. :1
Meier,  1:1111 5)
Ieist.-r. IHInr- 4
Ml/chhrald, "\m
Michls, Mat. :1
Milh., Martiln I
Mil hi', Will. 4
Muskat, (otlieh 5
Wownk l, ,m  3
Nendorf, Iniei- 2
'Nitsen, .hohn5
Nieseu, RI. 5
Noli, Jatct  4
O)isoii, Ole 4
lIlar, L awteny  -,
Pat, IHeili  3
I ailv, .Joli
I'nar, \Wil. "
hatlls, Peter 3{
Pauls, (arl 4
Pastlille, (arl I
Post, Peter.l. 3
l1tiinshach, Ptet. 5'
Meihe, Fred. 4
hi.e-, Aug. t
lRleek, 1). 1
Iiipp, Clhist. 5
Hlipl, lHenry
tIhfe, Wiii. 4
IH~ffe Hellr-y4
R )I-kc, Glolii I1
Sidehk, Irank I
S-lu-l-.  V.ll, Fred, I
Schunmn, 2'jr 4
Sc]illmilli, W. (C. 2
-, 1t11ii/:111,  Ed.  5
S(.11111:111, Ikol t.  I
S chk, 11cury .\
Schwedhcr, (':IT,] 3
Schieele, Aug. -4
:4vhlvth,, W. 1t. 5
(Ihlllitt,  .1 :11-'y v
Se-toll, \Viii. 2
SStti ,  Lo(tli,
Slpeth,  \ II'
StaIz, .Jillil I
Statz, \Villna 5
Stltz, .1. A. W. I
Statz, lduiry :1
Statz, Antoi 3
StNtz, Will. .1. 3
Stuhble, \Vil. 2
Sturll, ('pIr ,5
St op-hnliul, .John
'l'hi1Iesou, Thos. 4
TIholnipsol, (t 4
IlThinne. 'Mich. 4
Thlei , Matt. I
Tl'uhl, A. I
Turk, Chits. 4
IUbiwtzig, T. NI. 5
II selniani, Ieto. J. 2
V\isei, Hei-rmian 5
V:1 'tll, Aiutoli 5
Vo'ss, Rlobt. I
Vettv'i, I[oneiard I
Valse-r, 'etti-r 1
\Walser, Aug. I
WVliIcrI, ,hil :1
WZV1h1ell. Mnnr .
\V  s-llhal, Ca11
\Vithal-, .1on. 3
Wihhcliburfg, Theo, 3
Willie, WVill. :4
\Vinklh, .A. 4
\Videnlfld, Pet ,r -5
\\itulall J]os. I
\Votl IIerniuoa  5
\VolIfl (hista\-.- h,
\Vol'illl,  . Jac.ob1 A. 5,
Zahilde., Plier 4
Ziici-m , Malt. 4
Zodell, A. -I
Excells ALL Others in the
4Following Points:
1. The stay being a chain securely fastened at top and bottom, through which the lateral
wires pass freely, it is at liberty to yield to any horizontal pressure and return to its place when thz
pressure is removed, hence it is always straight, can never be bent out of shape.
2. A ratchet is placed on each horizontal wire, and if from any cause one or more wires be-
come stretched or bent out of shape it can easily be tightened and put in proper condition.
3. As a result of these features the fence can always be kept in good condition and never
become unsightly.
We claim that no other fence can as successfully resist the assaults of time and W I L D
STOCK as this, especially for a long period of time.
4. It can easily be taken down and removed to any place as desired without injury to any of
the material.
5. All galvanized and made of the best steel wire.
6. Stay material may be ordered for either smooth or barb wire already on the posts.
7. It is among the heaviest and strongest fences on the market.
Correspondence and inquiries solicited.,,i,1,v
All kinds of Fancy Yard and Lawn Fences, and the very best Iron Gates made.
-ov-sovLocal agents wanted.
H. C. DRAKE, Agent,
I - 8                  . ........................................

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