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Art work of the Wisconsin River Valley

Part 6

city with an aggregate capital of about a million dollars, and the factories represented include
the making of furniture, flour, mineral paint, box shooks, textile starch, as well as several com-
mercial corporations engaged in the business of merchandising. The secret and benevolent
societies are well represented in Stevens Point, the Masonic fraternity having established lodge,
chapter, commandery and Eastern Star; the Odd Fellows lodges, encampment, canton, and a
lodge of Daughters of Rebekah; the Grand Army both post and relief corps; the Catholic Order
of Foresters both men and women's courts; the Knights of the Maccabees two tents and two
hives; besides which the following organizations are each represented by one body: Catholic
Knights of America, Catholic Knights of Wisconsin, Daughters of the American Revolution,
Elks, Equitable Fraternal Union, Daughters of Liberty, National Union, United American
Mechanics, United Workmen, Women's Christian Temperance Union, and several flourishing
industrial unions. The miscellaneous societies of the city comprise all the various organiza-
tions which are usually allied to the different churches, and several literary clubs are included
among them, as well as a Woman's Club which is allied with the Wisconsin State Federation.
Stevens Point is the location of one of the Normal Schools of the state, which has a fine
plot of ground in the city, on which a beautiful building has been erected. The faculty consists
of twenty-four educators, and the attendance from the section of the state in which it is located
is large.
The city is essentially an industrial community, though the agricultural resources of the
country surrounding it contribute to its commercial activities in no small degree.
The manufacture of paper at large mills so near to Stevens Point that many of the mill
operatives live there, and much of the business of the mills is transacted there, makes these
mills really a part of the industrial resources of the city.
There are two railroads at Stevens Point, the Wisconsin Central, and the Green Bay and
Western. The Wisconsin Central has a branch from here running south to Portage, which
opens a considerable amount of trade to the city.
In the matter of civic improvement the city is well abreast of the times.  The principal
streets are paved, the streets are well lighted, and ample water supply fills the need of the
citizen in that direction, as well as affords adequate protection from fire dangers.
The next point up the river is Mosinee, a little village which is one of the oldest settle-
ments on the river. Almost as early as Stevens Point was settled, lumbering operations were
commenced at the water power afforded by Little Bull Falls. For more than fifty years those
operations have been continued under the same ownership. It is at Mosinee that the river

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